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St Andrews Language graduates have worked hard to acquire advanced spoken and written language skills, often learned through academic exercises designed to demonstrate and test professional competences: for example, analysing complex material, forming and communicating judgements, representing a point of view, chairing a discussion, meeting deadlines and working in teams. At the same time, our graduates’ strong intellectual abilities and thorough understanding of the target culture should allow them to feel at home in the company of highly-educated, native-speaker professionals from the countries we study. A particular degree of adaptability and a natural confidence in new milieux often marks the good Languages graduate out from all the rest.

For all these reasons, St Andrews Modern Languages graduates have an extremely good record of employment, at both Under- and Postgraduate levels. Careers are not limited to language-based work, but they often do involve languages at some stage. Recent graduates have used their skills in directly-related occupations as professional translators, interpreters and teachers, either in Britain or abroad. Many have gone into commerce, business and financial careers. Others have entered the home or foreign branches of the Civil Service, aid agencies or multilateral bodies, or embarked on careers in journalism, publishing and computing. Others still have opted for academia. Our graduates are sought after by a wide range of employers, from law firms to the BBC, for their particular blend of specific knowledge combined with high-level transferable skills.

The St Andrews Careers Centre offers a focused, understanding service for both Undergraduates and Postgraduates, and will welcome you from day one of your studies. You can also see statements from a few recent Modern Languages graduates on the Careers Centre Wiki.

Junior Honours Students presentation is: It is approximately 15mins long.

Senior Honours Students presentation is: it is also approximately 15mins long.

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