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Research seminars: January 2018

31 January 2018
Weekly Middle Eastern Film Screenings
The Cow
(Dariush Mehjui, 1969)
1h 40m, in Persian with English subtitles
Often credited as being the first Iranian New Wave film, 'The Cow' is a window into the lives of a tightly knit community whose livestock is under constant threat of being rustled. One of the most important community members is Hassan, a man whose best friend and surrogate daughter is his beloved cow, the only one in town. When Hassan goes away, a horrible incident occurs. The town group together and lie about what happened in an attempt not to upset Hassan. However, the news pushes him over the edge. How will Hassan cope? Historically and culturally significant, 'The Cow' is essential viewing for all Iranian cinema enthusiasts.
3pm, Buchanan Building, room B103

Wednesday 31 January 2018
Byre World
The Faces We Lost (dir. Piotr Cieplak, 2017)
The 1994 genocide in Rwanda claimed almost a million lives in just 100 days. The world stood by as men, women and children were being hacked to death by machetes. When the international community finally decided it was time to pay attention, it did so through memorable photographs of mutilated bodies and seas of nameless refugees.
But many Rwandans remember their loved ones through images of life, not death: a passport or I.D. card photo, an unguarded snap taken in the garden or a group portrait from a wedding or a baptism. The surviving images are precious objects, with so many destroyed and lost forever. A lot of people have only a solitary image of their loved ones. Many have none at all.
The Faces We Lost follows nine Rwandans (survivors, relatives of victims and professional memory-makers), who guide us through their stories and share their experiences, remembrance and images. It is the first documentary to explore the many functions of these priceless photographs, and one of the few films to engage with Rwandans as users of images, rather than simply their subjects.
We will be joined by the film’s director, Piotr Cieplak, for a Q&A after the screening.
7pm, Byre Theatre, Studio