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Research seminars: September 2016

Wednesday 21 September 2016
Cultural Identity Studies Institute (CISI) research seminar
Professor Kath Woodward (The Open University)
"Identity studies – The state of the question"
Identity is about the routes we have travelled and this talk is about some of the journeys the conceptualisation of cultural identity has taken in the twenty-first century. My story, which links the personal to the social, and inner worlds to outer worlds, also traces my engagement with theories of identity since the publication of Understanding Identity in 2002, at a time during which identity moved in and out of (and back into) academic visibility. The development of Deleuzian critiques inspired by Foucault’s de-centering of the subject, and criticisms of the concept as too restrictive and embedded in an outdated humanism, have been met by powerful arguments that demonstrate that identity resolutely still matters. It remains vital to an understanding of who we are and incorporates connections between self and society and the psychic and the social – areas that I have developed in my recent work and will explore in my paper.
Kath Woodward is Emeritus Professor of Sociology at the Open University and the author of numerous works on identity in interdisciplinary studies involving gender, migration and sport. Her Understanding Identity (2002) is a widely-used textbook in the field. Her latest book is The Politics of In/visibility: Being There (Palgrave Macmillan, 2015)
4 pm, Quad room 31, St Salvator's Quadrangle

Thursday 22 September 2016
German Research Seminar
Professor Michael Perraudin
The Empathetic Georg Büchner. Tracing the Logic of his Writings.
5.15pm, Buchanan room 216

Wednesday 28 September 2016
Centre for Russian, Soviet, Central and Eastern European Studies (CRSCEES)
'A Lesson of Belarusian', a documentary by Miros?aw Dembi?ski about the presidential campaign in 2006.
The screening will be followed by a Q&A session with the main narrator of the film, Franak Viacorka.
The trailer of the film can be found here:
5pm, The Byre Theatre