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Research seminars: February 2016

1 February 2016
CRSCEES Research Seminar
Dr Jeffrey Murer (International Relations, St Andrews)
'The Aesthetics of Hate: Anti-Semitic, Anti-Roma, and Anti-Immigrant Violence in Contemporary Hungary as Spectacle'
5pm, Buchanan Building, room 216

3 February 2016
Weekly Middle Eastern Film Screenings
Downpour (1972)
By Bahram Beizai
Iran – 128 min, In Persian with English subtitles
On Wednesdays at 3pm, Buchanan Building, room 305

3 February 2016
Byre World Film Series
'Cartel Land' (2015), Matthew Heinemann (US)
English and Spanish with English subtitles
7pm, The Byre Theatre

10 February 2016
Weekly Middle Eastern Film Screenings
Children of Heaven (1997)
By Majid Majidi
Iran – 89 min, In Persian with English subtitles
On Wednesdays at 3pm, Buchanan Building, room 305

10 February 2016
Byre World “A Conversation With...” Series
Screening of the film 'Circles' (Serbia, 2013), followed by a conversation with Prof. Dina Iordanova (University of St Andrews), Dr Milja Radovic (University of Edinburgh), and Catherine Carnie (UNICEF/UNESCO/UNAIDS/Edinburgh Peace Initiative):
‘Representing the Yugoslav Wars of the 1990s and Their Legacy’
6pm, The Byre Theatre

10 February 2016
Institute of European and Cultural Identity Studies (IECIS) Research Seminar
María Laura Spoturno (Universidad Nacional de La Plata | CONICET)
'Elegance and Concision. The Translation of Seymour Mayne’s word sonnets'
Standing at the crossroads of disciplines including linguistics, foreign languages, and comparative literature (Bassnett, 1991; Venuti, 1998, 2002), translation is beyond doubt relevant for the creative communication across languages and cultures. More particularly, literary translation stands as an area of study and practice which offers idealroom for reflection, experimentation and creativity. This seminar has two main goals: 1. to introduce a few theoretical terms and issues regarding poetry translation, 2. to explore the poetic work of Jewish Canadian poet Seymour Mayne (b. 1944) and the problems relating to its translation into Spanish and French. Seymour Mayne is regarded as a key pioneer of the word sonnet, a fourteen-line poem with a single word in each line, which often condenses a visual and sudden image or thought.
This seminar addresses a basic though essential question: How is meaning built in a set of word sonnets which seem to define their nature in the combination of multilingual, intercultural, and visual elements? And consequently, how is meaning to be recreated and rendered in the target text and culture? It will be argued that the creative process evident in the source text should be central in the design of relevant translation strategies. The seminar is directed to undergraduate and postgraduate students interested in literary translation.
3-5pm, Arts Building Seminar room 5

15 February 2016

Italian Cine Club: Film Italiani da Oscar
MEDITERRANEO by Gabriele Salvatores
All films are screened in Italian with English subtitles

7 pm, School 5

17 February 2016
Professor Nancy Ries (Colgate University, US)
Voices of Apocalypse: Russian Military News and the Horizons of Future War
1pm – 3pm, Buchanan room 312

19 February 2016
Handel’s Ariosto: Passions and Performance
A Scottish Opera Recital
To help us celebrate the 500th anniversary of the fist publication of Ariosto Orlando Furioso, Scottish Opera is bringing to St Andrews a unique recital based on Handel’s opera trilogy inspired by Ariosto’s poem.
The performance will be introduced by Harry Fehr, director of Scottish Opera 2016 production of Ariodante.
The recital is FREE and open to everyone.
6pm in Younger Hall, St Andrews
To prepare our mind, eyes and hears for this evening of lively discussion, beautiful music, and exceptional performance, during the day we will be discussing Ariosto and the very special relationship his work has with Scotland in an academic workshop starting at 11am in Parliament Hall. A selection of Special Collections volumes, including early illustrated editions of the Orlando Furioso, will be exhibited in Younger Hall’s Conference Room (from 4.30 pm).
This event is part of the interdisciplinary project ‘Furious Metamorphoses’, organised by Dr Shanti Graheli (History), Dr Jane Pettegree (Music) and Dr Claudia Rossignoli (Italian).
For more information, please visit:

24 February 2016
Weekly Middle Eastern Film Screenings
The Scent of Josef’s Shirt (1995)
By Ebrahim Hatamikia
Iran – 100 min, In Persian with English subtitles
On Wednesdays at 3pm, Buchanan Building, room 305

24 February 2016
Byre World Literary Café Series
12 French poets of the Great War. Dr Ian Higgins (Dept of French, retired) presents a representative selection of poems in his own translation
8pm, The Byre Theatre

25 February 2016
School of Modern Languages Research Seminar Series
Dr Sue Harris (Queen Mary University of London)
'Gérard Depardieu: Performing Pariahdom'
From Sue Harris: ‘My paper analyses Depardieu’s performance as disgraced Socialist politician Dominique Strauss Kahn in Abel Ferrara’s Welcome to New York (2014). I argue that the artistic and political significance of the film, which was refused theatrical release in France, stems from the collision it offers between two notorious real life figures, brought together as an embodiment of pure disgust in a single fictional character.  I suggest that it is by harnessing elements of his own pariahdom — cemented by his decision to adopt Russian citizenship in 2013 — that Depardieu asserts his continued relevance to French life as both performer and citizen.  His controversial performance as DSK offers a powerful exposé of corruption among France’s elites, confronting the media and politicians with their complicity in maintaining a conspiracy of silence around the activities of a known sexual predator.’
5pm, Buchanan Building, room 216

29 February 2016
CRSCEES Research Seminar
Dr Vlad Strukov (Digital Culture, Leeds)
'Russian Spectacle of Patriotism: What Will We See If We Turn off the TV?'
5pm, Buchanan Building, room 216