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Research seminars: April 2013

Seminars highlighted in blue are school-themed seminars. This semester’s theme is ‘Foreign Bodies’ and these seminars will be delivered in English.

2 April 2013
Arabic Research Seminar
Dr Isabel Toral-Niehof
Arab identity in the Making: The ‘Unique Necklace’ in Umayyad Andalusia
5pm, Bucnanan room 216

3 April 2013
ICCL Research Seminar
Dr Robin MacKenzie (University of St Andrews)
“The Strange Case of Mr Stevenson and M. Proust”
5-6.30pm, Buchanan room 216

5 April 2013
Hispanic Research Seminar
Dr Jennifer Cadman (St Andrews)
‘Piecing Together the Puzzle: María Luisa Elío’s Autobiographical Project'
4-5.30pm, Quad 36

11 April 2013
PG Research Seminar
Chiara Giuliani
You "Write" it Phone Centre, You "Call" it Home: The Phone Centre in Italian Postcolonial Dynamics
3pm, Quad 30

11 April 2013
Lectura Dantis Andreapolitana workshop
Professor Robin Kirkpatrick, (University of Cambridge)
'The Comedy of Translation: Open for discussion and revision, an account of practice and malpractice in one version of Dante's Commedia'.
4pm, Arts Seminar room 7

19 April 2013
Italian Research Workshop
‘Cultures of Migration’

Emma Bond (University of St Andrews)
Signing with a Scar: Self-Inscriptions and Self-Narration in Recent Italian Migration Literature
Emma Bond lectures in Italian at St Andrews. Her current research explores connections between migration and the body.

Valentina Bonizzi (DCA)
FREE - DOM: by the journey of an exclusive object
Valentina Bonizzi is completing a PhD at the DCA. She has worked extensively on the Italo-Scottish migrant experience through photography and video. An exhibition of her work is currently on at the National Portrait Gallery in Edinburgh.‘
2-4pm, Buchanan  room 305

22 April 2013
French Research Seminar
Dr Nick Hammond (Cambridge)
‘Exploring Gossip and Rumour in the 17th Century’
5pm, Buchanan 216

25 April 2013
PG Research Seminar
Marissa Munderloh
‘Defining German Culture through Hip Hop Norms’
Letizia Vettor
‘The Simile of the Forked Flame: an Aspect of the Theban Legend’
3pm, Arts Seminar room 7