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Research seminars: April 2012

Seminars highlighted in blue form part of this semester's School research seminar theme, literature and memory. They will be delivered in English.

11 April 2012
ICCL workshop
More details tbc
2-4pm, Arts seminar room 4

12 April 2012
ICCL/Department of German
Dr Sandra Vlasta (University of Vienna)
‘Exophonic gaps? Multilingualism and the use of various scripts in contemporary literature’
5.15pm, Arts seminar room 7

17 April 2012
Department of Italian/IECIS
Dr Alessandra Petrina (University of Padua)
‘Machiavelli’s Prince in Early-modern England and Scotland’
5pm in School 5

18 April 2012
Department of Russian
Samantha Sherry (University of Edinburgh)
'Vsetsenzura? Censor, editor and translator in the Soviet Union'
5.15pm, Arts seminar room 1

19 April 2012
Department of Arabic
Professor Michael Allan (University of Oregon)
‘Reading Rosetta: Objects and Texts at the Limits of Literary Culture’
4pm, Arts seminar room 1

20 April 2012
Department of Spanish 
Dr Julia Biggane (University of Aberdeen)
The Rewards of Female Falangism: the Condecoración 'Y', 1939-1945"
4.00 pm, St Salvator’s Quad Room 36

23 April 2012
Department of French
Dr Emma Herdman
‘Blind Democracy: love, learning and the law in Renaissance France’
5.15pm, Buchanan room 216

25 April 2012
IECIS/Department of Italian
Dr Loredana Polezzi (University of Warwick)
Mobility and its memory: the case of contemporary Italy
4pm, Arts seminar room 1

26th April 2012
Dr Axel Stahler (University of Kent)
‘Memory and the Jewish Imaginary’
5.15pm, Arts seminar room 7

26 April 2012
Joint Russian /IR Research Seminar
Anastasia Mitrofanov
'Religious (Orthodox) Radicalism in Russia and the CIS'
5pm, Arts Lecture Theatre

30 April 2012
Department of Arabic
David Thomas (Professor of Christianity and Islam, University of Birmingham)
‘The Muslim Construction of Christianity: a Channel and Barrier to Communication’
5.15pm, Arts seminar room 6