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Research seminars: December 2010

Friday 3 December 2010
Spanish Research Seminar
Dr Aileen Logan (University of St Andrews)
Memory, Identity and Poetry in Rafael Alberti’s Retornos de lo vivo lejano
at 4pm in United College room 36


Wednesday 8 December 2010
IECIS Research Seminar
BPE Bentley
(Dept of Spanish)

“Heraclitus, Seneca and To Die in San Hilario (directed Laura Mañà, 2005)”Anticipating the School’s 2012 “Rethinking Humanism” conference, this presentation will examine how a twenty-first century Spanish language film billed as a “comedy” explores on screen through the mode of magical realism one of the important questions to be considered on our journey through life: how to face our inevitable mortality.

at 4pm in Buchanan Building room 216

Thursday 9 December 2010
German Research Seminar
Dr Laura Bradley (University of Edinburgh)
Watching the Audience: censorship and spectatorship in the GDR
at 5.15pm in Buchanan room 216