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Current research seminars

2013/14 research seminar programme

Semester 2

21 April 2014
Italian Research Seminar
Dr Serena Bassi (University of Warwick)
"What Gets Better (and Where)? The Italian Localization of the "It Gets Better" Project, U.S. Definitions of "Homophobia" and their Translations"
The “It Gets Better” project, a YouTube campaign that encourages LGBT adults to address supportive messages to young victims of homophobic bullying, was devised in response to a spate of LGBT teen suicides in the United States. Since then the campaign has been “localized”; i.e. a series of “cultural translations” have been produced in various languages. Like the English language original, the Italian version “Le cose cambiano” (Things change) invites users to upload personal stories that promote the message of the campaign. Commentators on the US version agree that the stories follow one particular script: determined to “make it better” for himself of herself, an individual overcomes the hardship of their teenage years and lives a happy “out” adult life (Puar 2010; Halberstam 2010; Yep, Olzman and Conkle 2012).
Since the goal of the campaign was to wage something of a national war on homophobia, it is hardly surprising that such a narrative should be evoked: the story of redemption and entrepreneurship underwriting these narratives has been described as a quintessentially American story (McAdams 2005). With regards to the localization of this product, what are the consequences of translating a narrative that is so bound to US national discourse? How has a particular narrative of moving beyond homophobia been translated from one national context into another? What personal narratives of “overcoming homophobia” appear in the Italian version of the campaign? How do these compare to the US narratives that have inspired them?
This talk employs the tools of narrative theory to interrogate “Le cose cambiano” as a cultural translation (Baker 2006; Harding 2012). I will argue that a set of narratives of selfhood, oppression and emancipation derived from a specific national archive have been translated and that these, in turn, work to construct a particular narrative of what homophobia is and of how it should be fought.
5pm, Buchanan 402

23 April 2014
ICCL Translation Workshop (restricted places -- now full, sorry)
Helen Chambers, Catherine Cobham, Stephen Halliwell and Celia Hawkesworth
1.30-5.30pm, Arts seminar room 1

23 April 2014
Cineclub Juan Pablo Rebella
"La mirada de Icíar Bollain"
También la lluvia (2010), Icíar Bollaín
4pm, School 6

24 April 2014
Poetry Forum in collaboration with School of Modern Languages, School of English, School of Classics, StAnza & Mosaici
Myra Schneider (London poet)
'Writing the Self' - Poetry and Writing for Wellbeing
5.15pm, Buchanan 216

28 April 2014
Russian Research Seminar
Evgeny Bershtein
"Eisenstein, Sexuality, and Decadence" 
5pm, Buchanan 216

29 April 2014
Arabic Research Seminar
Prof Angelika Neuwirth
“What Biblical text does the Qur’an presuppose? - some new observations”
5pm, School V

30 April 2014
Cineclub Juan Pablo Rebella
"La mirada de Icíar Bollain"
Katmandú (2011), Icíar Bollaín
4pm, School 6

1 May 2014
PG research seminar
Sarah Townshend:
'Disruptive Desire: Marriage and Procreation in Church, State and Comedies of the Seventeenth-Century'
Marissa Munderloh:
'The Academic Side of Hip-Hop: Doing Qualitative Research in the Field'
4pm, Arts seminar room 2

30 May 2014
"One day Symposium on Spanish-Language Cinema with the films and participation of Iciar Bollain"
10.15–10.20: Introduction to the Symposium by Bernard Bentley (University of St Andrews)
10.20–11.10: Professor Núria Triana Toribio (University of Kent, Hispanic Studies) "Spanish “realismo social” and Icíar Bollaín’s Mataharis" (2007)
11.20–12.10: Dr David Archibald (University of Glasgow, Film Studies) "Cinematic representations of anti-fascist women in the Spanish Civil War with close-ups on Tierra y Libertad (1986) "
13.45–15:45: Screening "También la lluvia / Even the Rain" (2010) 103mn introduced by Iciar Bollaín
16.15–18:00: Q&A with Icíar Bollaín (actor/director/producer) led by Bernard Bentley
School 3, St Salvators' Quadrangle
All are welcome and participation is free

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