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Current research seminars

2019/20 research seminar programme

Semester 1

New Directions in Medieval Studies

Date: Wednesday, 25 September 2019, 2-4pm

Venue: Byre Conference Room

Dr Miranda Griffin (Cambridge, French)
Dr Rosa Vidal Doval (RHUL, Spanish)
Professor Julia Bray (Oxford, Arabic)

Chair: Dr Victoria Turner (St Andrews)

New Directions in Material Culture

Date: Friday, 8 November 2019, 2-4pm

Venue: Bell Pettigrew Museum

Professor Dan Hicks (Oxford, Archaeology)
Dr Freya Gowrley (Derby, History)
Professor Jill Burke (Edinburgh College of Art)

Chair: Dr Emma Bond (St Andrews)

Modern Languages has long-standing intersections with material culture, through research areas such as book history, digital humanities and linguistic mapping, and more recently through the lens of memory studies. In this seminar we welcome three prominent scholars from outside Modern Languages in order to think through new potential routes and applications of material culture for our own field. With expertise ranging from the Renaissance to the contemporary, our speakers will explore the theoretical importance of objects for unlocking new understandings of social reality in different times and spaces. They will also offer practical demonstrations and hands-on making opportunities for participants to engage materially with the objects they study.

The seminar will be followed by a drinks reception outside the Museum.

Spaces are limited – please contact to request a place.


New Directions in Cultural Studies

Date: Tuesday, 12 November 2019, 2-4pm

Venue: Senate Room

Professor Silvia Albertazzi (University of Bologna)
Professor Davide Messina (Italian, University of Edinburgh)
Dr Ella Chmielewska (Architecture, University of Edinburgh)

Chair: Dr Andrew Cusack

The round table will consist of contributions from three scholars all of whom are committed to and have been sustained by the study of contemporary culture in a wide range of its manifestations, the eclectic and engaged field of approaches known as cultural studies. As will be apparent from their short presentations each contributor is interested in the capacity that such approaches offer for making connections beyond the range of their “home” academic discipline with the wider field of culture. Following a brief introduction by Andrew Cusack, Silvia Albertazzi will take Salman Rushdie’s Midnight’s Children as a case study in literary criticism and cultural studies, Ella Chmielewska will address the place of the book object and paratext in the field, and Davide Messina will provide a brief introduction to cultural analytics, considering its relevance to cultural studies today. Individual presentations will be followed by a round table discussion and questions.

All welcome.


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