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Research activity days

Department of German

9 December 2016

Marking the 400th anniversary of the death of William Shakespeare the German Department Research Morning focussed on a few selected aspects of Shakespeare’s legacy in the German-speaking world. It featured contributions from members of the department and the keynote speaker was Dr Ben Schofield (Kings College London): “William Shakespeare: A “German Verbal Cosmos”? Translation, Performance and the Transnational”.

Department of Spanish

6 December 2016

The Spanish RAD took place on Tuesday 6 December 2016. Prof Will Fowler opened the proceedings with a vintage performance devoted to ‘metaresearch skills’ in which he offered tantalizing glimpses of his previous lives as a researcher. Prof Fowler’s session was complemented by Dr Catherine Barbour’s workshop on how to publish a PhD. Postgraduate students Sergi Auladell Fauchs, Karen Brown and Brigid Cruzado read highly promising papers based on their ongoing research, and Karunika Kardak briefed the Department on a successful research mission in Montevideo. We navigated through the impressive website built by Dr Ricardo Fernández with a view to collecting Ramón Gómez de la Serna’s countless contributions to the press. Neo-liberalism got the usual pasting in Dr Javier Letrán’s excellent paper on ‘Poetry in the Age of Neoliberalism: Reflections on “Balada en la muerte de la poesía” (2016) by Luis García Montero’. This year our guest speaker was Prof Isabel Torres (Queen’s University Belfast), the current President of the Association of Hispanists of Great Britain and Ireland. Isabel gave a wonderful lecture on ‘Poetry “Bodied forth” in Time: The Final Ironies of Cervantes’s Viaje del Parnaso’.

Department of French

11 November 2016

The French department’s 2016 Research Activity Day is on the (Brexit-inspired) theme of “Borders and Boundaries”. It features contributions from several members of the department, including the recently appointed Buchanan Chair. The two keynote speakers are Dr Finn Sinclair (Edinburgh): “Mediaeval Bodies: shape-shifting and self-hood”, and Prof Ed Welch (Aberdeen): “The Hexagon: territory, space and frontiers in post-war France”.