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Performances by Red Earth Opera (March 2016)

Red Earth posterRed Earth Opera was formed in 2014 to perform at the annual Teignmouth Classical Music Festival, where the company has performed Purcell’s Dido and Aeneas (2014) and Mozart’s Idomeneo (2015).

In 2016, they performed Gluck’s Iphigénie en Tauride using the English translation prepared by Julia Prest.

"The reason for singing in English is that we want to bring opera to a wide audience, and to present it in a friendly format for those who may not know the work. We want opera to be for the community to enjoy, not something which needs to be studied first. We chose this translation because we wanted something contemporary and singable. The other translations I looked at were Victorian/Edwardian, and quite archaic." (Jane Anderson-Brown, director of Red Earth Opera)


Red Earth rehersing

Red Earth rehersing 2


  • 6 March (Teignmouth)
  • 13 March (Chudleigh)

 Red Earth

Red Earth

Red Earth

Red Earth

Performer Feedback

"I certainly appreciated working with an English translation which was a very musical and singable version. I am sure the Devon audiences had a much better enjoyment of the story being sung in English. It certainly helped in deciding how to give a setting for each scene. Your translation made the relationship of 'the boys' easy to understand and interpret in a choice of ways. Most important the 'I will die for you' and the Iphigenia / brother relationship, which could be missed in understanding the original."
(Martyn Harrison, Stage Animateur)

  • Having it in English made the learning more apparent and easy.
  • The translation was very good indeed. It didn't make the role harder to sing, which often translations can (vowel sounds etc…).
  • Obviously, being a native English speaker, the performance aspect can be more immediate as I understand the text being spoken.
  • You don't have to be translating whilst singing as you often do when performing a foreign language.
  • I wanted to communicate to you how glad I was to have such a clear and 'sensible' translation to sing from (i.e. one that conveys the ideas clearly whilst remaining true to the style and spirit of the music)

Audience Feedback

Of the audience members who filled in a questionnaire:

  • 100% indicated that they agreed or strongly agreed that the English translation helped them to follow the story/plot.
  • 100% indicated that they agreed or strongly agreed that the English translation made the opera more accessible.
  • 89% indicated that they are more likely to choose to see an opera in English translation
  • 83% indicated that their appreciation of Gluck had increased following the performance.