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MLitt in Cultural Identity Studies

This flagship Masters programme draws on the literary and linguistic expertise of all the Modern Language Departments at St Andrews, as well as on perspectives of related academic disciplines and of critical theory, to explore the much discussed contemporary problem of collective identities as modelled by and expressed in national cultures. Specialisations in Arabic, French, Italian, German, Spanish and Russian are possible. Graduates of UK, European and Overseas Universities with a degree involving one of the languages that we teach in the School of Modern Languages, or comparable competent knowledge, are welcome to apply.

Problems of 'cultural identity' are the everyday coinage of our news bulletins. They are as contemporary as the many dislocations which challenge or question who 'we' are, as extensive as the system of practices, references and values we call 'culture' ,and as perennial as the human need for collective belonging and memory and for a shared 'identity'.

How are cultural identities constructed? How do they work? How do they survive and change? What can we understand of this central and elusive sense of collective selfhood?

The MLitt in Cultural Identity Studies offers a chance to gain both a theoretical grasp of the different factors and dimensions of the problem of cultural identity and a chance to explore the ways in which this identity is represented and reflected upon in one or more of the cultural traditions studied in our School of Modern Languages.

The course will be of interest to those with an academic or research concern in such questions and to those who recognise the value of such a background for careers in social and educational administration, broadcasting, journalism, parliamentary research and support work within a Scottish, UK and international framework.

For those interested in further study a PhD in a topic related to Cultural Identity Studies is available following consultation with a suitable member of the academic staff of the School of Modern Languages especially those listed under Associate Members of the Cultural Identity Studies Institute.

The academic environment is that provided by the Cultural Identity Studies Institute, whose seminar series, conferences, European research network, publications, facilities and funding provide the support matrix for the MLitt.

The Director of the MLitt in Cultural Identity Studies is Prof Gustavo San Román, email