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Past Conferences and Seminars

1. Conferences and Seminars in St Andrews

21 September 2016
Professor Kath Woodward (The Open University)
"Identity studies – The state of the question"
Kath Woodward paper poster (PDF, 642 KB)

26 October 2016
Professor Gerardine Meaney (University College Dublin)
“Identity Through the Macroscope: the Nation, Genre and Gender project”
Gerardine Meaney paper poster (PDF, 589 KB)

On Monday 14 March 2016, IECIS supported the first workshop of the Cultural Memory Research Group, organised by Dr Catherine O'Leary. This was followed by a public lecture at Parliament Hall, by Prof. Marianne Hirsch from Columbia University. More Information at

20th April 2015
Cultural Memory
Download poster (PDF, 215 KB)

21 March 2014
Affect and Belonging - Galicia and Ireland
Workshop Programme (PDF, 57 KB)

28-29 June 2012
Rethinking Humanism
Conference information

6-8 July 2007
Europe and Its Others: Interperceptions Past, Present, Future
IECIS 2007 conference information (PDF, 93 KB) 

27th - 29th June, 2003
Violence, Culture and Identity
This conference, with the help of René Girard, explored connections, historical and contemporary, between violence, its cultural expression and regulation and collective identities as mediated through literature and theory of European languages.

National Identity and French Political Culture (Lorna Milne)
Italian Identities (Ronnie Ferguson)

Mexican Identities (Will Fowler)

France-Romania (Gavin Bowd) 

2. Conferences Abroad

Cultural Links between Galicia and Uruguay:
Ribadeo, 14-16 September 2007
Galicia-Uruguay conference information 2007 (PDF, 398 KB)

30 September - 2 October 1999
"Les identités européennes au XXe siècle : diversités, convergences et solidarités"
Colloque international, Paris