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Associate Members of the Cultural Identity Studies Institute


Arabic & Persian

Catherine Cobham


Art History

Catherine Spencer



David Evans
Elise Hugueny-Leger
Elodie Laugt
Robin MacKenzie



Andrew Cusack
Lizzie Stewart



Derek Duncan
Emma Bond



Emily Finer



Will Fowler
Jordi Larios

Doctoral students

Catherine Barbour - Galician identity in contemporary female writers

Matthias Eck - Identity beyond Gender? De- and Reconstruction of Masculinity in Contemporary German Literature.

Anaïs Fusaro - Serge Doubrovsky, Mourning and (Self)Transformation

Erika Madrigal Hernandez - El Ateneo Mexicano: The construction of national identity in mid-nineteenth Century Mexico


Recently graduated

Naomi McLeod - The Expression of Identity in Equatorial Guinean Narratives (1994-2007)

Marissa Munderloh - The Emergence of Post-Hybrid Identities: A Comparative Analysis of National Identity Formations in Germany’s Contemporary Hip-Hop Culture

Mario Prisco - Cultural diversities in multiethnic Italy