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Dr Eleni Kefala, Senior Lecturer

Dr Eleni KefalaContact Details
Phone: 01334 463655
Office: Quad 27

Module surgery hours:

Tuesday, 12-1; Thursday, 11-12

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Research and Teaching

Eleni Kefala holds an MPhil and a PhD from the University of Cambridge, and a BA from the University of Cyprus. She has been Mellon Postdoctoral Fellow in the Humanities at the University of Pennsylvania, AHRC Early Career Fellow, and Dumbarton Oaks Fellow at Harvard. Her two latest monographs, On the Cusp of Modernity: Byzantium, America and the Trauma of the Conquest and Five and One Theses on Modernity: Buenos Aires Across the Arts, 1921-1939, are currently under review. Eleni works on twentieth-century Spanish American literature and visual arts, with a focus on the Southern Cone, and on comparative literature, with a growing interest in the early modern period. She is particularly interested in colonial/postcolonial studies, intellectual history and modernity from an interdisciplinary and transcultural perspective, and on avant-garde aesthetics and Borges. Her first monograph Peripheral (Post) Modernity (New York, 2007) probed cultural modernity in two countries never before studied comparatively –Argentina and Greece– and brought under scrutiny the conceptual category of ‘peripheral cultures’, while her edited volume Negotiating Difference in the Hispanic World (Oxford, 2011) explored the various instances of cultural encounters in Spanish America from the Conquest to the present day, combining literary and cultural studies, cultural history, art history, translation studies and cultural anthropology. Eleni has published extensively in professional journals, translated Hispanic poetry and prose, and authored two poetry books. Her debut poetry collection Mními kai parallayés (Memory and Variations, 2007) was shortlisted for the prestigious Diavázo Literary Awards in Greece (First Book Award), while her second book Chronorraphía (Time-stitchings, 2013) received the State Prize for Poetry in Cyprus. She has presented her work in international literary festivals and been translated into French, Italian, Turkish, Bulgarian and English. For more on her poetry, see World Literature Today 92.1 (2018).

Eleni contributes to all levels of undergraduate and postgraduate teaching in the Department of Spanish and the School of Modern Languages. She offers classes on a range of disciplines (literature, photography, painting, film), national literatures (Argentina, Mexico, Colombia, Cuba, Uruguay, Chile) and genres (poetry, short story, novel, essay), and is currently supervising three PhD students.


Dumbarton Oaks Interview - "The World Upside Down"

International Poetry Festival Voix Vives 2015

State Prize for Poetry 2014

Presentation of "Time-stitchings" at Ianos Bookstore

PhD Supervision

Brigid Cruzado, Isabelle Gribomont, Jenny Messenger


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