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Ms Elisa Gutiérrez Boquete, Lectora

Elisa Gutierrez Boquete Contact Details
Phone: 01334 463634
Office: Quad 34

Module surgery hours:
Wed 10-11, Thu 11-12

Research and Teaching

I studied a BA in English at Universidade de Santiago de Compostela, before completing an MA in Applied Linguistics at this same institution. During my Master I specialised in Learning and Acquisition of Second Languages. Coming from a bilingual background, I have always been attracted to understanding, learning and researching multilingual contexts and individuals. This interest and my personal teaching experience have drawn me towards investigation in the area of language learning and special educational needs. My MA’s dissertation explores ESOL materials designed for students with dyslexia.

Before coming to St Andrews, I was teaching Spanish appointed as a Lectora at the University of Galway, Ireland, from 2014 to 2016. I have taught Spanish language and culture both at undergraduate level and to adult students.