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School responsibilities

Management Committee

Position Name Ext Email
Head of School Dr Will Fowler 2964 langshos
Deputy Head of School Prof Derek Duncan 3668 ded3
Director of Teaching Dr Elise Hugueny-Leger 3652 langsdot
Director of Research Prof Derek Duncan 3668 langsdor
Director of Postgraduate Studies Prof Mary Orr 3658 langsdopg

School Officers

Position Name Ext Email
Admissions Officers Dr F Caiani
Dr Emily Finer 
Head of Arabic and Persian Mrs Catherine Cobham 3642 arabhod
Head of French Dr Gavin Bowd 3643 frenchhod
Head of German Prof Bettina Bildhauer 3666 germanhod
Head of Italian Dr Emma Bond 3662  italianhod
Head of Russian Dr Victoria Donovan 2948 russianhod
Head of Spanish Dr Catherine O'Leary 2954 spanishhod
Convenor, Comparative Literature Prof Margaret-Anne Hutton 3678 complit
Convenor, Study Abroad Dr Andrew Cusack 3661 atc4
Library Officer Dr Javier Letran 2969 jl50
Academic Misconduct Officer Dr Emma Herdman 3651 eh58
Examinations Officer Mrs Michelle Petrie 3647 mlp
Mundus Prof Gustavo San Román 2968 gfsr
Senior Advisor Dr J Carson 3641 jsoc
Safety Co-ordinator Ms Hazel Larg 3670 hl1
Disabilities Co-ordinator Mrs Michelle Petrie 3647 mlp
Equality and Diversity Officer Dr Claire Whitehead 2951 cew12
Director of ICCL Prof Margaret-Anne Hutton 3678 mh80
Deputy Director of ICCL Dr Emily Finer 3648 ef50
Director of CISI Prof Gustavo San Román 2968 gfsr
Directors of CRSCEES

Dr Victoria Donovan
Dr Claire Whitehead