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Dr Emma Herdman, Lecturer

Emma HerdmanContact Information
Phone: 01334 463651
Office: Buchanan 311

Module surgery hours:
Wednesday 10-11, Thursday 9-10

Full research profile

Research and Teaching

My research interests are in the literature, history and culture - in French and in Latin, in texts and in images - of Renaissance France. I am particularly interested in themes of transgression and restraint: my recent work has focused on areas such as the literary and artistic representations of the atrocities committed during the French religious wars, attitudes to alcohol in early modern Europe, and (as part of a wider research network) obscenity. My current book-length project, Flights of Fancy: Avian Themes in Renaissance France, examines the relationship between ornithological knowledge and the imaginative representation of sixteenth-century birds and of what they can symbolise. I teach language and literature at all levels as well as two Honours Modules, one – “Discovering the Renaissance” – on imitation, interpretation and imagination in sixteenth-century literature, and one – “Representations of the Renaissance” – on how this peculiarly privileged era in France’s cultural past has been received and portrayed over the centuries in historical literature and film.

PhD Supervision

Simon Kay, Charlotte Pearce-Slade


Montaigne and Juvenal: intertextual recognition and the readership of the Essais
Herdman, E. 19 Dec 2016 Montaigne in transit: Essays in honour of Ian Maclean. Kenny, N., Scholar, R. & Williams, W. (eds.). Cambridge: Legenda, p. 135-154 (Legenda (General series))
Research output: ResearchChapter

Censured and Censored: Reactions to Obscenity
Herdman, E. 2011 Obscénités renaissantes. Roberts, H., Peureux, G. & Wajeman, L. (eds.). Geneva: Droz, p. 367-378
Research output: ResearchChapter

Theatricality and Obscenity in Graphic Histories of the Wars of Religion
Herdman, E. 2010 EMF: Studies in Early Modern France: Obscenity. Roberts, H. (ed.). Rookwood Press, Vol. 14, p. 90-115
Research output: ResearchChapter

Lupa in fabula: Figures of Threat in the Pastoral World
Herdman, E. 2006 Canadian Review of Comparative Literature: Neo-Latin and the Pastoral. Ford, P. & Taylor, A. (eds.). Vol. 33.1-2, p. 98-114
Research output: Research - peer-reviewChapter (peer-reviewed)


Vile birds and beasts in Jean Lemaire de Belges's Epîtres de l'amant vert
Herdman, E. Dec 2017 In : Early Modern French Studies. 39, 2, p. 99-113
Research output: Research - peer-reviewArticle

Folie and Salmacis: Labé's Rewriting of Ovid
Herdman, E. Jul 2013 In : Modern Language Review. 108, 3, p. 782-801
Research output: Research - peer-reviewArticle

"Amethystus Princeps Sobrietatis": Signing a Sixteenth-Century Pledge
Herdman, E. Feb 2013 In : Renaissance Studies. 27, 1, p. 114-132
Research output: Research - peer-reviewArticle

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Research output: Research - peer-reviewArticle

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Research output: Research - peer-reviewArticle


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Research output: ResearchBook/Film/Article review

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Research output: ResearchBook/Film/Article review

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Research output: ResearchBook/Film/Article review

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Research output: ResearchBook/Film/Article review

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Research output: ResearchBook/Film/Article review

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Research output: ResearchBook/Film/Article review

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Research output: ResearchBook/Film/Article review

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Research output: ResearchBook/Film/Article review

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Research output: ResearchBook/Film/Article review

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Research output: ResearchBook/Film/Article review

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Research output: ResearchBook/Film/Article review

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Research output: ResearchBook/Film/Article review

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Research output: ResearchBook/Film/Article review

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Research output: ResearchBook/Film/Article review

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Research output: ResearchBook/Film/Article review

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Research output: ResearchBook/Film/Article review

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Research output: ResearchBook/Film/Article review

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Research output: ResearchBook/Film/Article review

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Research output: ResearchBook/Film/Article review

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