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Dr Marine Ganofsky, Lecturer

Dr Marine GanofskyContact Details
Phone: 01334 462947
Office: Buchanan 404

Module surgery hours:
Tuesday, Thursday 2-3pm

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My research focuses on the French eighteenth century, but I am especially interested in the pleasure-seekers of the period from its philosophes to its rakes. I have written on Casanova and on Condillac, on Fragonard and on Laclos. I have investigated the libertine art of love as well as its erotic ceremonies, rococo architecture as well as voluptuous clairs-obscurs, frivolity as well as ‘ivresses’.

There are currently two main strands to my research:

  • Libertine nights: My first book, Night in Eighteenth-Century French Libertine Fiction (Oxford University Studies in the Enlightenment, forthcoming 2018), explores the erotic pleasures enjoyed under cover of darkness during the Age of Enlightenment. Beyond the indulgences they represent for their readers, the nocturnes of libertine fiction offer an amplified echo of the socio-cultural changes that were transforming the understanding and experience of night for a growing number of men and women in the French eighteenth century. These fearless, happy nocturnes capture the period’s emancipation from superstitions and traditions. They illustrate its conquest of night-time in favour of both social encounters and erotic intimacy. Most importantly, they also reflect the eighteenth-century’s re-invention of darkness less as a limit than as an exciting repository of mysteries waiting to be discovered.
  • L’Illusion au Siècle des Lumières: My current research project revolves around the idea of illusion in the French Age of Enlightenment. Although the long eighteenth century is best remembered as an era searching for truth, I argue that it was also characterised by an awareness that illusions and delusions often hold the key to happiness, or at least to pleasure. This project examines the eighteenth century’s discourse of notions such as magic, superstitions, errors, doubt, dreams, ‘sens trompeurs’, madness, and ‘God’s delusion’ (to quote Richard Dawkins). It also addresses the questions of fiction and artistic representation, whilst analysing what I call the period’s ‘aesthetics of illusion’ (palpable in elements as diverse as politeness, masquerades, wit, galanterie, landscape gardening, rococo interiors, and even fashion—think wigs and powder, mouches and corsets). This reflection on illusions is an invitation to think differently about the reality/fantasy divide, as a closer look at the Siècle des Lumières reveals that it is often from the realm of illusions (dreams, fantasies, ‘ivresses’, lies, or masks) that unsuspected—and sometimes disturbing—truths can emerge.

My research aims at highlighting the fact that the French Age of Enlightenment, which found its paradise in the here and now (“Le paradis terrestre est où je suis.” Voltaire), was also the age of happiness. I am very happy to have had the chance recently to share some of my most exciting discoveries with a wider audience by editing a collection of little known but wonderful libertine short stories: Petits soupers libertins (Dix-huitième Siècle, 2016) and by contributing to the documentary Casanova Undressed (Sky Arts Production, 2016).

I was interviewed to appear in the Sky Arts documentary Casanova Undressed. Aired 20th September 2016 on Sky Arts.



After lecturing at New College at the University of Oxford and at the University of Kent, I joined the University of St Andrews in January 2014. I teach French literature, history, and language at all levels. My own classes revolve around the early modern period, whether it is to address the notion of classicism from Ronsard to Laclos, study journeys in Voltaire’s Candide, or examine literary revolutions in eighteenth-century France.

I have also created three modules inviting students to explore some of the most fascinating elements of the French eighteenth century: FR4123: Libertinage and libertine literature, FR4125: The French Age of Enlightenment, and FR4128: A Semester with Casanova: myths and afterlives of ‘Histoire de ma vie’. In these modules, the emphasis is put on the students’ independent research and interpretation of the material, as indeed they are encouraged to explore the topic under scrutiny from the perspective of their choice.

I would be delighted to supervise students on any topic relating to: the long eighteenth century, erotic literature or ‘romans d’amour’, nights or gardens in arts, as well as, more widely, discourses on, and representation of, pleasure.

PhD Supervision

Cecilia Ascoli


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Research output: ResearchBook

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Research output: ResearchAnthology


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Research output: Research - peer-reviewChapter (peer-reviewed)

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Research output: ResearchChapter

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Research output: ResearchChapter (peer-reviewed)


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