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Elisa Walker


Supervisors: Prof Derek Duncan, Dr Emma Bond

Education and experience

Elisa gained her MA in Italian and German from the University of St Andrews in 2013, before going on to complete an Erasmus Mundus MLitt in the programme ‘Crossways in Cultural Narratives’. This multilingual and interdisciplinary Masters brought her to universities in Italy, Canada and France over two years. The main topics were on comparative literature, modern languages, art history and philosophy and she completed a dissertation entitled “Fortress Europe’s criminalisation of the migrant: an incurable symptom of Italy’s postcolonial condition?” The dissertation compared the representation of migrants in films by Italian directors to the literature written by diasporic authors in Italy, examining how migrant criminality is more often taken for granted in works by Italians while this is ironised by the growing generation of migrant writers.

Elisa’s academic interests include migration literature and cinema, Italian and German women writers and European myth and fairy tales. At the University of Guelph she worked as a Professor’s research assistant in the German department, where she analysed satirical works from the Weimar Republic era. For her PhD, Elisa is focusing on the narration of gender in postcolonial literature and its intersection with racial identity, as expressed through hybridised genres, structures and themes employed.

Teaching experience

  • Teaching assistant for first year French reading course at University of Guelph (Autumn 2014)
  • Teaching assistant for first year Classical Studies at University of Guelph (Spring 2014)
  • British Council English Language Assistant in Germany (2010-2011)


  • AHRC funded PhD
  • Holder of the full Erasmus Mundus scholarship.
  • St Andrews Deans’ list 2012/2013
  • St Andrews Deans’ list 2011/2012