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Jorge Sarasola


Supervisors: Prof Gustavo San RomanDr Catherine O’Leary

Education and experience

Jorge studied Philosophy and Comparative Literature at the University of St Andrews, thanks to funding provided by Banco Santander and the University. After receiving his degree, he worked in as an Assistant Lecturer in Philosophical Anthropology at the Universidad Católica del Uruguay. Jorge then received a scholarship from the European Commission to pursue an MA Erasmus Mundus ‘Crossways in Cultural Narratives’, at the Universidad de Santiago de Compostela, University of Sheffield and Università di Bergamo. Jorge’s current PhD project looks at contemporary historical novels from Uruguay and Argentina which revisit the often-overlooked black history of these countries in the process of nation-building and identity formation. His research is funded by the Wolfson Foundation.  


Paper: ‘Stranded between marianismo and malinchismo: rape and virginity in Isabel Allende’s La casa de los espíritus and Albalucía Angel’s Misiá señora’, WRoCAH Student Journal, Issue 4 (2018). Available at:

Book Review: Fabienne Viala’s, The Post-Columbus Syndrome, OCCT Review (June, 2018). Available at:

Conference papers

12th December, 2018 - The Byre World Series 'Loving Cinema: A Useful Life', St Andrews: Delivered a presentation on Uruguayan cinema

17-18th January, 2018 - LALSA 2019 Conference, Sheffield. Presented a paper titled: 'Ansina's Resurrection: Literary Representations of Uruguay's Black History'

28 June, 2017: Collaborative panel presented for the Leeds PILAS conference under the title: ‘Crime, Maids and Exotic Beverages: Representing Latin@s in Contemporary US Screen Narratives.’

22- 23 June, 2018: SPLAS Conference at Nottingham University. ‘The Black River Plate: Revisiting Collective Memory through Representations of Slavery in Contemporary Historical Fiction from Uruguay and Argentina’

Other activities

Jorge is an elected member of the Modern Languages Postgraduate Committee for 2019

Jorge has been a regular contributor to media outlets such as Portal 180, Portal Ecos, Sounds & Colours, and he participates in the Uruguayan radio programme, No Toquen Nada (Radio del Sol), as a foreign correspondent.

He also works as an Assistant Warden at David Russell and Fife Park Apartments.

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Jorge Sarasola