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Alma Melchers


Supervisor: Dr Bettina Bildhauer

Education and experience

I earned a Magister Artium in History and German Literature from the University of Freiburg, Germany, in 2010. I am particularly interested in visual forms of historical representation, starting out from the question of what “history” is and can be. In my PhD project, I explore how films reflect upon history and its relation to film in enlightening ways. The working title of my thesis is “Cinema plays History: Modified Images of National Socialism in Counterfactual Historical Films of the 21st Century”.

I have been awarded a PhD scholarship by the School of Modern Languages of the University of St Andrews, an annual doctoral scholarship by the DAAD, as well as a doctoral scholarship by Gerda Henkel Stiftung.

Teaching experience: I organized and taught an introductory course for students of history at the History Department of Freiburg University in 2006/07. Since I have been in St Andrews, I have taught both Modern Literature and Language at the Subhonours level.


I have published two reviews, a conference report and a report on a series of lectures in the German photographic journal “Rundbrief Fotografie” (RF):

‘alphabet der bilder. Historische Bildwelten und die Visualität der Geschichte [alphabet of images. Historical Image Worlds and the Visuality of History]’ RF 16 (2009) No. 1, p. 33/34. (book review)

‘Vielgestaltige Bilderwelt(en): das fotografische Erbe der DDR [Multifaceted Image World(s): The Photographic Legacy of the GDR]’ RF 13 (2006) No. 4, p. 35-38. (conference report)

‘1945 im RückBlick der Fotografie [1945 in the Retrospection of Photography]’ RF 13 (2006) No. 1, p. 25-28. (review)

‘Zeigen Fotografien Geschichte? [Do Photographs show History?]’ Rundbrief Fotografie 12 (2005) No. 2, p. 42-44. (lecture series report)

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Alma Melchers