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Tiran Manucharyan


Supervisors: Mrs Catherine Cobham, Dr Fabio Caiani

Title: Of Kings and Clowns: Representations of Leadership in Contemporary Egyptian Theatre, 1967-2018

Education and experience

Tiran received his Master’s degree from Yerevan State University (Armenia) in 2007 (Thesis: “Yusuf Idris’s views on the paths of development of the Egyptian theatre (through the examples of the plays “The Farfurs” and “The Earthly Comedy””)). In 2013 he was awarded a Candidate of Philological Sciences (PhD) degree from M. Abegyan Institute of Literature of National Academy of Sciences of Armenia (Thesis: “The Development of the Theatre and Drama in Egypt in XIX-XX Centuries” under supervision of Dr Karine Khudaverdyan). His current researchfocuses on Egyptian Theatre and Drama in the late 20th and early 21st centuries (the plays by Ab?-l-?Il? al-Sal?m?n? (b. 1941) and Lenin al-Raml? (b. 1945)).

Tiran is a member of the Arabic Theatre Working Group within the International Federation of Theatre Research.

Tiran is a recipient of a School of Modern Languages 7th Century PhD Scholarship. He was also awarded the 2015-2016 and the 2016-2017 AGBU International Scholarship and the Russell Trust Postgraduate Awards 2016.


AR1001 - Arabic language tutor

Arabic Elementary, Intermediate and Advanced (Evening language Courses) - Arabic language tutor (February 2015 - May 2016)


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  • ‘Theatre and Drama as Platforms for Social and Political Thought in Egypt in the XIX-XX Centuries’ (with Dr Karine Khudaverdyan), Arabic Studies Journal, v. 7, Yerevan, YSU Press, 2014, pp. 69-112 (in Armenian)
  • ‘The Development of the Theatrical Tradition in Egypt in the Second Half of the 19thCentury’, Problems of Oriental Studies, VII, Yerevan, 2012, pp. 123-135 (in Armenian)
  •  ‘The Formation of National Drama in Egypt in the 30s of the XX Century’, Middle East, VIII, Yerevan, 2012, pp. 256-263 (in Armenian)
  • ‘Yusuf Idris in Quest for National Theatre’, Arabic Studies Journal, v. 5, Yerevan, YSU Press, 2011, pp. 69-77 (in Armenian)
  • ‘Yusuf Idris’s Series of Articles ‘Towards an Egyptian Theatre’’, Garun, N 7-8, 2009, pp. 128-134 (in Armenian)
  • ‘European Philosophical-Literary Movements and the Development of Egyptian Literature after World War 2’, Garun, N 7-8, 2009, pp. 34-37 (in Armenian)

Major Conferences and Seminars

  • Lenin al-Raml?: the Deceptive Power of the Powerful, ‘Dialogues of Power: Political (Re)Presentations in the Arts’ International Conference, University of St Andrews (27-29 October, 2016),
  • Ab?-l-?Il? al-Sal?m?n?: the Rewriting of History in Egyptian Theatre, ‘Presenting the Theatrical Past. Interplays of Artefacts, Discourses and Practices’ International Federation of Theatre Research Conference 2016, Stockholm University (13-17 June, 2016),
  • Waiting for a Leader: Theatrical Scene in Egypt Today, Arabic Studies Research Seminar Series, Department of Arabic Studies, Yerevan State University (13 January 2016),
  • Theatre as a means of reaffirmation of national identity: Tawf?q al-?ak?m and Y?suf Idr?s searching for an Egyptian theatre, Postgraduate Research Seminar, School of Modern languages, University of St Andrews (15 April 2015),
  • The Formation of National Drama in Egypt in the 30s of XX Century, The 32nd Conference of Young Orientalists (Armenian National Academy of Sciences, Institute of Oriental Studies, Yerevan, 12-13 October 2011).

Organising and Coordinating Events

28-29 October 2016:  ‘Dialogues of Power: Political (Re-)Presentations in the Arts’ International Conference, University of St Andrews, Co-Organiser

27 October 2016: ‘Art and Politics: East and West’ Public Lecture, University of St Andrews, delivered by Professor Marvin Carlson of the City University of New York, Co-Organiser, funded by the Honeyman Foundation (Registered Charity Number: SC009431)

11 December 2015 and 17 February 2016: ‘Adaptation/Appropriation: Art across Media and Nations’ Postgraduate Workshop and 'On the Verge of Academic Thought: Adapting Research into Art' Postgraduate mini symposium, co-organiser, funded by CAPOD

September 2015-until now: Academic Skills Project, coordinator, School of Modern languages and CAPOD

September 2015- December 2016: Byre World PR and film series coordinator

September 2015- August 2016: Arabic Postgraduate Research Class Representative

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Tiran Manucharyan‌