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Fiona Dakin


Supervisors: Dr David Evans, Dr Gavin Bowd

Thesis summary

Thesis title: "Translation, Adaptation, Creativity: Baudelaire as Translator / Baudelaire Translated"

Summary: Baudelaire was a translator of Poe, as well as an inter-medial translator of Wagner's music, and several works of visual art, into words. His poetry has since been adapted into music, illustrations and comic books. The thesis links these two strands of research to explore inter-medial processes as forms of translation, and offer new readings of Les Fleurs du mal and Le Spleen de Paris.

Awards, papers, trips

-Full SGSAH AHRC scholarship

-Archival research trip to the Bibliothèque nationale de France in Paris, July 2016 (SGSAH Student Development Fund).

-2-month Researcher-in-residence placement at House of Illustration, January and February 2017 (SGSAH Doctoral Internship & Residencies Programme).

-Research trip to the W. T. Bandy Center at Vanderbilt University in March 2017 (SGSAH Student Development Fund).

-Presenting the paper, "Translating Spleen et Idéal: Illustrated Editions of the Poetic Works of Charles Baudelaire", at the Society of Dix-Neuvièmistes conference in April 2017. 

-GRADSkills Innovation Grant holder.

-Tutor on FR1001: French Writing, Translation and Grammar, and CO1001: The Nineteenth-Century Novel of Adultery.

-Member of the SGSAH Summer Symposium 2017 organising committee.

-Co-organiser of departmental postgraduate seminars.

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