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Estrella Samba Campos


Supervisor: Dr Kirill Dmitriev

Thesis Title: Knowledge (?ilm) in Adab frameworks: a study of the Kit?b al-Adab of Ibn Ab? Šayba  (d. 235/849) and the Kit?b al-?Ilm of Ibn Qutayba (d. 276/889).

Education and experience

Estrella Samba Campos holds a B.A in Arabic and Islamic Studies (2006), an MA in Spanish as a Foreign Language (2008) and an M.Phil in Arabic and Islamic Studies (2008) from Universidad Complutense Madrid.

She was a contributing member from 2009 to 2014 of the ERC funded project “Knowledge, Heresy and Political Culture in the Islamic West, 8th-15th centuries” at the Spanish National Research Council. Most recently, of the ERC funded project “Languages–Philology–Culture: Arab Cultural Semantics in Transition” from 2014 to 2016 at the University of St. Andrews.

Her professional research experience relates to premodern Arabic and Islamic textual culture, processes of production of knowledge in the Mediterranean, Arabic prosopographical material, amongst other topics. She has also received training in Digital Humanities, with special scope in Arabic and Islamic studies.

Estrella is currently a 2nd year Phd candidate in Arabic Studies at the University of St.Andrews in Scotland. Her dissertation examines the concept of ?ilm (knowledge) and knowledge treatises within early formative period of Islam. Her main research enquiry analyses the correlation between ?ilm and early developments of adab (ethics, conduct practices, etiquette) through the works of Ibn Ab? Šayba (d. 235/849), and Ibn Qutayba (d. 276/889).


2018  St. Andrews University, International Summer Program.

             Seminars and lectures:

            - “An introduction to Digital Humanities: Arts and Humanities in the Digital Age”.

            - “Manners maketh humans”: Ethical behaviour in premodern Arabic literature”.


 2017 St. Andrews University.          

            - Arabic for Beginners AR1001 Sub-honours,

            - Spanish ex-Beginners SP2005 Sub-honours

            - Spanish SP3001 Junior Honours


2008 Universidad Complutense Madrid        

            - Spanish for Beginners

Selected conferences

-“?Ilm in transition: religious knowledge in adab frameworks”. Orient Institut Beirut, Lebanon 29 March, 2018.

-“A Study of Knowledge in Classical Arabic Literature: an approach through Dynamic Reading and Text Reuse”. Postgraduate Research Seminar, 12 October,  St. Andrews University.

-“?ayy ibn Yaq??n, “The Self-taught Philosopher”: a bilingual Arabic-Latin digital edition”. St Andrews Digital Humanities Network Launch, 3 November, 2015, St. Andrews University.

-“Zotero: Managing our Library”. Digital Solutions Workshop: ERC Project Arab Cultural Semantics in Transition (ARSEM), 4–7 March 2015, St. Andrews University.

-“ERC Project Presentation”.  23 April, 2015, School of Modern Languages, St. Andrews University.

-“The concept of ‘ilm (religious knowledge) in Islamic culture: balance and perspectives”. MediterráneoS: International Conference of Junior Researchers in Mediterranean and Near Eastern Languages and Cultures. 23 November, 2012, CCHS-CSIC. 


-“Ibn ‘Abd al-Barr, Ab? ‘Umar”. Fierro, M., Haremska, J., Hernández López, A. y Samba, E., en Lirola Delgado, J. y Puerta Vílchez, J.M. (dir. y ed.), Biblioteca de al-Andalus. De la al-‘Abb?d?yya a Ibn Abyad, Almería, Fundación Ibn Tufayl de Estudios Árabes, 2012, Enciclopedia de la Cultura Andalusí, vol. 1, pp. 574-585.?

-“Nasr Hamid Abu Zayd: El Discurso religioso y su crítica”. E-Prints, UCM, Madrid, October, 2008.;

Awards and Professional Affiliations

Recipient of School of Modern Languages PhD scholarship. 

Recipient of Santander Universities Awards for Researchers and Academic Staff at St Andrews University, May, 2015.

Member of St Andrews Digital Humanities Network, Humanidades Digitales Hispánicas. Sociedad Internacional (HDH) (Spain). 

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Estrella Samba Campos