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People and contacts

The School of Modern Languages Office is located on the second level of the Buchanan Building, Union Street and deals with administration for modules in Arabic, Comparative Literature, French, German, Italian, Honours Linguistics, ML modules, Persian, Russian and Spanish. Opening hours are from 8.00am until 4.30pm, Monday to Friday.

Arabic staff
French staff
German staff
Italian staff
Persian staff
Russian staff
Spanish staff
Administrative and academic support

Arabic staff

Academic and teaching staff

Ms Dina Al Afranji dr51 3638
Dr Fabio Caiani, Lecturer fc8 3673
Ms Catherine Cobham, Lecturer, Head of Department cmc1, arabhod 3642
Dr Kirill Dmitriev, Lecturer kd25 2956
Dr Orhan Elmaz, Lecturer oe2 3637
Mr Michael Whitehouse, Teaching Fellow mw56 3638

ERC project staff

Andreas Ellwardt aje4


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French staff

Dr Sarah Arens, Lecturer sa245 3646
Dr Gavin Bowd, Reader, Head of Department gpb, frenchhod 3643
Dr Joe Carson, Lecturer jsoc 3641
Dr David Evans, Senior Lecturer dee3 3665
Dr Marine Ganofsky, Lecturer mg216 2947
Dr Hannah Grayson, Research Fellow hg51 3640
Dr Emma Herdman, Lecturer eh58 3651
Prof Nicki Hitchcott nmh2 3636 
Dr Elise Hugueny-Leger, Senior Lecturer esmh 3652
Prof Margaret-Anne Hutton mh80 3678
Ms Clémence Jacq cj56 3644
Dr Katie Jones, Lecturer kej5 2952
Dr Elodie Laügt, Senior Lecturer el40 3653
Prof Lorna Milne lcm2  
Prof Mary Orr mmo 3658 
Ms Eglantine Pillet, Lectrice ep77 3644
Dr Julia Prest, Reader jtp22 3646
Ms Odile Rimbert, Language Teaching Fellow opebbr 3667
Dr Victoria Turner, Lecturer vct2 3654

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German Staff

Professor Seán Allan sa92  3671
Dr Chris Beedham, Lecturer cb1 3657
Professor Bettina Bildhauer bmeb 3663
Dr Andrew Cusack, Lecturer atc4 3661
Dr Colette Lawson, Lecturer ll38 2953
Ms Kirsten Mericka, Lector klm25 3649
Dr Christopher Miller, Lecturer clm24 3663
Dr Dora Osborne, Lecturer do38 2953 
Dr Tom Smith, Lecturer tas3 2998
Dr Michael White, Lecturer, Head of Department mjw8, germanhod 3659
Ms Paulina Zitzer, DAAD Lektorin pz24 3649

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Italian Staff

Dr Emma Bond, Senior Lecturer efb  3662 
Dr Silvia Caserta, Lecturer sc332 3651
Prof Derek Duncan ded3 3668
Dr Rossella Riccobono, Lecturer rmr8 3669
Dr Claudia Rossignoli, Lecturer, Head of Department

cr41, italianhod

Ms Stefania Triggiano, Language Teaching Fellow


Dr Robert Wilson, Lecturer rpw 3645

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Persian staff

Dr Maryam Ghorbankarimi, Teaching Fellow mg91 3639
Dr Saeed Talajooy, Lecturer st83 3563

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Russian Staff

Ms Svetlana BoothAssociate Lecturer (Education Focused) si35 3634
Dr Victoria Donovan, Lecturer vsd2 2948
Dr Emily Finer, Senior Lecturer ef50 3648
Dr Jesse Gardiner, Teaching Fellow jdsg 2948
Dr Conny Opitz, Language Teaching Fellow co52 3634
Dr Margarita Vaysman, Lecturer mv37 3666 
Dr Claire Whitehead, Senior Lecturer, Head of Department cew12, russianhod


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Spanish Staff

Dr K Anipa, Senior Lecturer ka17 2965
Dr Ana Barazal Barreira, Teaching Fellow apbb 3631 
Dr Ted Bergman, Lecturer tb59 2962
Ms Elisa Gutiérrez Boquete, Lectora egb3 3634 
Dr Ricardo Fernandez, Lecturer rfr1 2960
Prof Will Fowler, Acting Head of Department wmf1, spanishhod 2964
Dr Eleni Kefala, Senior Lecturer ek30 3655
Prof Jordi Larios jl213 2967
Dr PJ Lennon, Lecturer pjl7 2971
Dr Javier Letrán, Senior Lecturer jl50 2969
Dr Claudia Marques-Martin, Associate Lecturer cmm36 2958
Ms Julia Hernández Moreno, Lectora jhm26 3634 
Dr Catherine O'Leary, Reader  cmo4 2954
Prof Gustavo San Román gfsr 2968

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Administrative and Academic Support

Administrative Support Staff

Contact email:

For all computing support requests, please email, or use the Self Service Desk.





Work hours:
Leanne Bence lb234 2949 Administrator 08.00-16.00
Natalia Biletska nb321 2966 Computing Officer 9.30-17.15
Kathleen Brown kab24 3647 Administrator 08.45-17.00
Diana Donaldson dfd2 3610 Administrator 8.45-16.45
Laura P Ferra lpf1 3632 Research Administrator 08.00-13.00
Maria Law ml81 3670 School Manager 8.30-17.00,
8.15-2.15 Weds
Maureen Lovatt mfl4 2961 Receptionist 09.00-16.30
Michelle Petrie mlp 3656 Teaching & Assessment

Academic support staff

Annette Zimmermann, Language Development Officer az 3664

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