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Study Abroad

Students of French are strongly encouraged to spend time studying or working in France (or in another French-speaking country) as part of their degree, and the department offers excellent opportunities for students who wish to do so. St Andrews students typically value their time abroad for its cultural richness, its international perspective, its intellectual versatility and its invaluable work experience and transferable skills; it is, of course, also excellent for students’ French.

Students taking a 5-year (“WIYA”) degree including French may spend their WIYA year, between their second year and their Junior Honours (third) year, working in a French-speaking country (this may be in France, including its Outre-Mer regions, such as Martinique, Guadeloupe, and Réunion, or it may be in a Francophone country such as Canada, Belgium, Switzerland, etc.). This may take the form of a teaching assistantship in a French school, or a work placement found by the student and approved by the Department. Students taking two (or more) languages may choose to split their WIYA year between two countries; they may also apply to spend semester two of their Junior Honours year studying abroad (in a different country / language from where they spent their WIYA year).

Students taking a 4-year degree including French may apply to spend either one or two semesters in their Junior Honours (third) year studying in France at one of our four University Placement partner institutions; in these cases the work done in France replaces equivalent study in St Andrews. Our current partners are the Sorbonne (Paris IV) and the École des Sciences Politiques (Sciences Po) in Paris, and the Universities of Perpignan (Via Domitia) and Toulouse (Jean Jaurès) in the South West of France. Students taking two (or more) languages may choose to spend their two study abroad semesters in different countries; many of the subjects that can be studied alongside French in St Andrews can also be studied at our partner institutions in France.

For further details of all these opportunities, please see the School’s Year Abroad handbook. All students are fully briefed about the possibilities for working and studying abroad during their second, third and fourth semesters in St Andrews.