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French Honours Modules

Students at Honours study the core language modules, French Language and Communication Skills. In addition to these, they choose from a wide range of modules in language and translation, literature, creative writing, intellectual history, politics and society, all taught by specialists of national and international standing. These modules are usually assessed with a mix of continuous assessment and examination but we also offer dissertation modules, allowing students to work on extended personal research with a tutor to advise them. Overall, therefore, students are able to put together a degree programme the content of which is adapted to their skills, interests and career intentions.

Below is a full list of the modules that we offer at Honours level. Not every module will be offered every year; please click on the individual module link for further information.

Module CodeAcademic YearModule Title
FR3001 2018/9 French Language 1
FR3002 2018/9 French Language 2
FR3021 2018/9 An Introduction to the French Classical Period
FR3077 2018/9 Contemporary French Fiction
FR3080 2018/9 Intellectuals in Modern France
FR3101 2018/9 French Integrated Year Abroad
FR4103 2018/9 Translation Methodology 1
FR4104 2018/9 Translation Methodology 2
FR4105 2018/9 Communication Skills in French 1
FR4106 2018/9 Communication Skills in French 2
FR4110 2018/9 Translating French Opera
FR4111 2018/9 Discovering the Renaissance: Imitation, Interpretation and Imagination
FR4117 2018/9 Politics, Propaganda and Mythmaking in Medieval France
FR4118 2018/9 Women's Voices in Renaissance France
FR4125 2018/9 The French Age of Enlightenment
FR4126 2018/9 Flaubert's France
FR4127 2018/9 Nineteenth-Century French Narratives of the Sea
FR4150 2018/9 Creative Writing in French
FR4160 2018/9 From One War to Another: French Politics, Culture and Society 1914 - 1945 (2)
FR4161 2018/9 Antillean Identities
FR4181 2018/9 Contemporary French Crime Fiction
FR4183 2018/9 African Francophone Fiction
FR4198 2018/9 Dissertation on a French Topic
FR4199 2018/9 Long Dissertation on a French Topic