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Current postgraduate students studying in the School of Modern Languages


Estrella Samba Campos (esc6)
Knowledge (ʿilm) in Adab frameworks: a study of the Kitāb al-Adab of Ibn Abī Šayba  (d. 235/849) and the Kitāb al-ʿIlm of Ibn Qutayba (d. 276/889).

Abdullah Eissa (aeaa)
Cultural Analysis of Phraseology in Classical Arabic Literature in al-Andalus: a Case Study of Ibn-Alkhat

Khaled Ghazel (kg47)
Post–Civil War Anglophone Lebanese fiction with a focus on the interfaces between homosexuality, masculinity and violence

Tiran Manucharyan (tm84)
Of Kings and Clowns: Representations of Leadership in Contemporary Egyptian Theatre, 1967-2018

Comparative Literature

Bram van Leuveren (bvl)
Spectacles of Diplomacy: French Festival Culture in a European Context, c1570-c1610

Joao Seixas (js378)
First year research


Kirsty Boardman (klb65)
Time and epoch in contemporary French fiction

Fiona Dakin (frd2)
Translation, Adaptation, Creativity: Baudelaire as Translator / Baudelaire Translated

Mark Dawson (md97)
MSt/MSc by research

Anaïs Fusaro (af80)
Serge Doubrovsky, Mourning and (Self)Transformation

Thalia Ostendorf (tio2)
First year research


Ben Catchpole (bpc2)
Third year research

Rebecca Hagen (rh203)
Motifs, metaphors and memes - Native traditions in German Shakespeare translation and reception

Michelle Leese (mjl8)
The impersonal passive in German of the type Es wurde getanzt: a structural analysis

Sam Osborn (so50)
First year research


Cecilia Ascoli (ca71)
Carlotta De Saxy’s 'National Education' for Women at the Turn of the 19th Century

Giulia Borrini (gb97)
Stillness and Motion: Intermedial Photography in Italian Postcolonial Narratives

Margherita Carlotti (mc327)
A phenomenological study of the Italian Neo-Avant-Garde

Jacopo Colombini (ic41)
Transnationalizing Lampedusa: representing migration in Italy and beyond

Eleanor Crabtree (evc2)
Intervening on Rome’s memories in contemporary art and writing

Daniele Lei (dl67)
Trans-national Identity in Contemporary Italian Cultural Production

Elisa Walker (enw4)
Third year research

Rebecca Walker (rmw8)
Postcolonial Bildungsroman


Nadih Alghamdi (nasa)
Second year research

Mediaeval Studies

Laura Bernardazzi (lgb6)
Second year research

Sarah Gregory (sg289)
First year research

Hailey Ogle (ho32)
Second year research

Modern Languages

Darya Tsymbalyuk (dt43)
First year research


Parviz Jahed (pj28)
Second year research

Salour Evaz Malayeri (sem25)
Final year research

Farshad Sonboldel (fs58)
Marginal Pioneer Poetry between the 1850 and 1960 in Iran

Spanish and Latin America

Sergi Auladell Fauchs (saf4)
The Independences of Catalonia: Articulating Political Identities in a Period of Referential Crisis (2010-2015)

Karen Angella Brown (kab25)
Lorca in Translation: Exploring Poetry and Marginality

Isabelle Gribomont (ig25)
The Writings of the Subcomandante Marcos from a Literary Perspective

Maria Guadalupe Elias Arriaga (mgea)
Mexican Women Writers (1900-1950)

Julia Hieske (jch23)
Terry’s Travel Guidebooks to Mexico, 1909-1930

Karunika Kardak (kk63)
The Historical Novel in Post-dictatorship Uruguay (1988-2011)

Brigid Lynch (bcc2)
Dialogues of Historicity and Horizontalism in Post-Crisis Argentine Narratives

Erika Madrigal Hernández (emh22)
El Ateneo Mexicano and early expressions of Mexican national identity during the early national period, 1821-1855

Juan José Mosquera Ramallo (jjmr2)
Transcendence and The Sacred in the works of Antonio Muñoz Molina: a Different Approach to Contemporary Western Thought

Jorge Sarasola Herrera (js227)
First year research