Volunteer patients


Volunteer patients are individuals who meet with small groups of medical students in an informal setting in order to enhance the quality of medical training. Our volunteer patient programme is called Patient Partners.

The volunteers, living with a condition, are the expert; they know what the symptoms feel like and how that condition affects their lives. Sharing this personal experience with medical students gives the students an insight that they could not hope to gain from textbooks or lectures. Volunteer patients are highly valued and integral to the training of the next generation of medical professionals.

Volunteer patients have a condition from which the medical students can learn. No specialist knowledge is required by the patients as the students will be facilitated by clinical members of staff.

Sessions take place at the School of Medicine in St Andrews and at NHS Fife community hospitals in St Andrews, Glenrothes, and Adamson (Cupar). Travel costs are reimbursed. Volunteer patients can choose the most convenient location to attend.