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Safety information

Health and Safety Coordinator:

Dr Ian Goudie
Mathematical Institute Room 316
Tel: 01334 463705

What to do in an emergency

Serious Incident/Threat

In the event of any incident, criminal or otherwise, which might put the safety of people and/or property at risk, take the following action without delay:-

  1. Telephone Police (Tel. (9)999 or (9)418900) giving full details of incident and location, your name and where you can be contacted.
  2. Within working hours (between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m.), call Estates Helpline 463999 Outwith working hours (5 p.m. to 8 a.m. nightly and weekends), contact the University’s Out of Hours Security Team: Dial 0 (internal phone) or 476161 (external phone).


If you find a fire:

  1. Raise the alarm. Set off a fire alarm; or shout “FIRE!”
  2. If it’s safe for you to do so, contact the Fire Brigade (see below).

Contacting the Emergency Services

  1. Dial (9)999. This connects you with an emergency operator who will ask for information.
  2. Tell the operator which emergency service you want (Fire Brigade, Ambulance etc).
  3. Give the address where help is needed and any other necessary information:
    (i) The building: Mathematical Institute, North Haugh, St Andrews KY19 9SS; or Scott Lang Building, Buchanan Gardens, St Andrews KY16 9LZ and
    (ii) The room number, if appropriate.
  4. Tell the emergency service how to reach your extension with a return call:
    (a) St Andrews 476161 followed by the extension number on the handset; and
    (b) for 4 digit extensions only, St Andrews 46 followed by the number on the handset.
  5. Tell the university what’s going on: - Contact numbers as under Serious Incident/Threat 2. above.

Fire alarm

If you hear the fire alarm (a continuously ringing bell, or shouts of “FIRE!”):

  1. Get out of the buildingimmediately by the most direct safe route:
    • Close doors behind you (but don’t lock them).
    • Stay out of the building.
  2. Go to the assembly point : Maths main door exit - upper car park on South side; Maths level 1 exits - grass on south side of Computer Science Building; Scott Lang Building - grass to the front of the building.
  3. Waitfor further instructions. You’ll be told when it’s safe to go back in.
    • Keep to the side to let emergency vehicles through.

Medical & First Aid

First Aiders:

  • Valerie Sturrock (Maths room 202 - extension 3744)
  • Tricia Watson (Maths room 202 - extension 3747)
  • Rhona Rodger (Scott Lang room 104 - extension 1842)
  • Appointed Person Catriona Harris (Scott Lang room 112 - extension 1831)

Rest Rooms:

  • Maths room 201 (Photocopy Room - extension 3749)
  • Scott Lang Building – room 205 (upstairs coffee area)

 First Aid Boxes:

  • Outside Maths rooms 116, 208 & 312, and in Maths room 201 (Rest room).
  • In Scott Lang Building room 205 (upstairs coffee area)

For minor casualties, where medical advice is thought to be needed, ask a First Aider to

  • take the casualty to the Community Hospital on the Largo Road in a car insured for business use; or
  • if the casualty is in a suitable state, accompany the person in a taxi to the Community Hospital. 

In other cases, or if the casualty is seriously injured, 

  • call an ambulance (see above).