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The School of Mathematics & Statistics is actively engaged in research and has a number of well-established research groups: Solar and Magnetospheric Theory, Vortex Dynamics, Algebra and Combinatorics, Analysis, Statistical Ecology and Inference and History of Mathematics (with members from across the School). As the School houses a large supercomputer, computational research features prominently across the research portfolio.

Research highlights over the last few years include solving long-standing conjectures in group theory, modelling how turbulent inhomogeneous mixing leads to strong jet streams in planetary atmospheres such as on Jupiter, and introducing highly innovative methods that incorporate spatial information into capture-recapture population estimation.

In addition to the research groups, the School is a (founding) partner in three interdisciplinary centres: CREEM (Centre for Research into Ecological and Environmental Modelling), CIRCA (Centre for Interdisciplinary Research in Computational Algebra), and SOI (Scottish Oceans Institute).

The School participates in many collaborative projects, including as lead partner in the National Centre for Statistical Ecology, as a key co-ordinating centre for GAP Computer Algebra, as lead partner in the UKMHD Consortium, and as a major partner in four EU Solar networks.