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Maths Base

Semester 2, 2018/19 (Weeks 1-11, excluding Spring Vacation)

Monday 4-5pm, Maths Tutorial Room 3B
Thursday 3pm-4pm, Maths Tutorial Room 3B

Maths Base is a drop-in help centre providing Peer Assisted Learning Support for students.  Support is provided by fellow undergraduates, with PhD students and Staff members available also.

Sub-honours students taking any modules in Mathematics and Statistics can come to Maths Base to get help on any non-assessed work. No booking is required.

Students in the final year of a BSc/MA degree or final two years of an MMath degree wanting to help at Maths Base should contact their Advisor of Studies, after first familiarising themselves with the Good Academic Practice - Guidance for Students document. Students should complete a Volunteer Form (PDF, 31 KB).  A certificate recognising the contribution of volunteers to Maths Base will be provided by the School on return of the form to the Director of Teaching.