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Key Contact Information

Head of School: Prof MAJ Chaplain

Deputy Head of School: Prof I De Moortel

School Office: Room 202

Director of Teaching: Dr A L Wilmot-Smith

Director of Postgraduate Studies: Dr J D Mitchell

Disability Coordinator: Dr A N Wright

Examinations Officer: Prof L Olsen

Health & Safety Officer: Dr I B J Goudie

Advising Coordinator: Dr S Huczynska

Subhonours Advisers of Studies: Dr S Huczynska, Dr A P Naughton, Dr J Fraser, Dr T Coleman

Honours Advisers of Studies: Dr C P Bleak, Prof D G Dritschel, Dr V Popov, Dr J N Reinaud, Dr R K Scott, Dr C V Tran, Dr H Worthington, Dr A N Wright

If your Adviser of Studies is unavailable please contact the Director of Teaching.

Module Coordinators for Subhonours modules:

Honours Projects Coordinator: Prof N Ruskuc

School President: Ms K Rekvenyi

To request S-coding, deferral of examinations and/or to report absence from examinations, please contact the Examination Officer.  (More information is available on the page concerning Examinations.)

To report absence from classes, please contact the relevant module coordinator.