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Travel expenses procedure

Authorisation for Ph.D. student travel expenses, to be paid from any source that is not a research group budget, must be authorised as follows:

  • you must email the Director of Postgraduate Studies at with an estimate of the costs, and a short description of the purpose of the trip, including, for example, a link to the webpage of the event.
  • cc this email to your supervisor
  • your supervisor should email the Director of Postgraduate Studies at to confirmation that they support the trip (or not)
  • the Director of Postgraduate Studies will reply as promptly as possible to authorise the proposed expenses (or not)

It may be possible for you to book your travel through the University's travel agent rather than booking it directly and then claiming for the expense. Please indicate that you would like to do this in your initial email to and we will provide you with the relevant details.

Important points:

  • Unless indicated otherwise in your offer letter, there is no fixed amount of money available for your travel (although there is an upper limit). Requests are considered on a case-by-case basis
  • Travel funding is limited, and it is very important to obtain authorisation before you incur any expense, we may not repay your expenses otherwise.

Travel expenses are paid from the same source as your scholarship with the exception of APTS expenses for students in Statistics (paid by Statistics Research Group). If you are unfunded, then you can ask your research group for funding for travel.

The University's Expense Policy and details of how to make a claim after you have received authorisation are available here.

You should return your completed claim form, together with any relevant receipts, to:

  • Valerie Sturrock (travel claims for school funded students, EPSRC funded students, and research groups, including the Statistics Research Group)
  • Fiona Macfarlane (travel claims for Solar/STFC) 
  • Rhona Rodger (travel claims for CREEM funded students).