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Annual review process for Ph.D. students

This webpage relates to the review process for Ph.D. (PGR) students in the School of Mathematics and Statistics.

Only Ph.D. students whose end date (not the date you might intend to submit) is after 1st of September in the current academic year are reviewed. 

The relevant university policy documents are:

The process for those Ph.D. students in Mathematics and Statistics who will be reviewed is:

  1. You will give a presentation about your Ph.D. project to your research group at some point in the current academic year. The timing, exact format, and any other details will be communicated to you by your research group leader.
  2. You will be asked to submit a sample of written work via MMS with a guide length of 10 to 20 pages. This does not necessarily have to be written especially for the review, it can be a copy of a submitted paper or other document prepared as part of your Ph.D. studies. If no such documents exist, then you will have to prepare something especially for the review. Please discuss this with your supervisors. Students in their final year should include a draft of their thesis, and a brief statement or document detailing their plans for completing their thesis.
  3. A supervisor's report and student self-assessment form must be completed on MMS. Both reports are available to both supervisors and students as soon as they are submitted on MMS.
  4. You will have a review interview with a review panel consisting of two members of academic staff, one from within your research group and one from another research group. The review interview will last 20 minutes. This step will only take place after Steps 1 to 3 are complete. Review interviews will take place in May or early June of the current academic year), and you will be contacted individually by your reviewers to make the necessary arrangements.
  5. You will be informed of the outcome of your review by email within 7 days of the review interview.
The deadline for 1), 2), and 3) is Monday of Week 13 in Semester 2 (the 6th of May, 2019, in the academic year 2018/19).
Here are some choice passages from the guidance:

"Supervisors should be open and honest in their Supervisor’s Assessment but should keep in mind that the progress review is an information sharing process and the student will have access to their report."

"Following the review, supervisors should discuss the feedback from reviews with their students and agree a plan of action based on the outcome. Advising students on reassessing their approach is particularly important in cases where the student’s work is deemed less than satisfactory."

"The progress review is, first and foremost, intended to track the progress of research students and to ensure that they both have the capacity and are receiving the necessary support to complete the relevant research degree in a timely fashion."