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Information for PhD students who teach

This page collects some links and information related to PhD students who teach:

Please note that in the University policy (Section 2), linked above it states:

The number of hours spent on teaching, marking and preparation should not normally exceed the appropriate amount of time a student may spend on nonacademic work in a working week. For a full-time student, this would amount to no more than half of their working week. In addition, external regulatory requirements must be adhered to, such as restrictions placed on paid employment by external funding bodies or UKVI (consult the International Student Advisor for advice).

and in RCUK guidelines (Section 68, April 2018) it states:

 Students may undertake teaching or demonstrating work when this is compatible with their training and provided their supervisors approve. The total time spent (including preparation and marking) should not interfere with the progress of the PhD. The amount of time is at the RO and supervisor’s discretion but it is recommended that this is no more than six hours in any week.

If you are a Ph.D. student in Mathematics and Statistics and you are funded by an RCUK source (STFC or EPSRC), a School of Mathematics and Statistics Postgraduate Scholarship, or are the recipient of a St Leonards scholarship, then the School of Mathematics and Statistics expects that you will spend no more than six hours in any week (or 144 hours per annum pro rata) on all teaching related activities, whether or not they are related to the School of Mathematics and Statistics.