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Lectures and tutorials

Independent Learning Week (Semester 1, 2019-2020)

There will be no mandatory classes or deadlines during Week 6 (Monday 21 October to Friday 25 October 2019).

Independent Learning Week is not a holiday. Students are free to leave St Andrews during Independent Learning Week if there are no other obligations to keep them here, but the library and other resources will remain open and students are encouraged to make the most of the opportunities here for effective academic study.

Part of the purpose of this break in scheduled classes is to provide students with an opportunity to consolidate and catch up on their learning to date, as well as preparing and forward-planning for the rest of the semester.  We hope that students will be able to make good use of the opportunity to review material covered during the first five weeks of semester.

Availability of lecture notes

Each module within the School should have a specified resource that students can consult to supplement the notes they take during lectures.  Acceptable resources include (but are not limited to):

  • Lecture notes (available, for example, via MMS or hard copy), or
  • One or several textbooks (available either in the library or electronically) together with clear guidance as to which sections correspond to the material covered in the module.

It is the responsibility of each module coordinator to direct students to such resources.

Guideline: It is the responsibility and decision of individual members of staff as to when it most educationally appropriate to make the above supplementary material available.

Recording Devices in Lectures

If you have a disability or some medical condition which means that you are unable to take notes in lectures, you may seek permission from Student Services to use a voice recorder or other computer-based device to record lectures and/or tutorials.  If you are not authorised by Student Services to record lectures then you must request permission from the relevant academic member of staff prior to the lecture taking place.  More information is available in the University Policy on Recording Devices in Lectures and Tutorials (PDF, 66 KB) and in the Guidance for Students document:  Lecture Capture Student Guide (PDF, 223 KB)