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Penalties for late work

The University policy on Coursework Penalties (PDF, 361 KB) requires the School to publish the penalty scheme(s) that is uses.

The standard penalty employed by the School is Scheme C in the policy:

Where work is submitted late there will be an initial penalty of 15% of the maximum available mark, then a further 5% per 8-hour period, or part thereof.

The policy (linked to above) illustrates how this penalty is applied.

Exception: The School will apply a 100% penalty if the presentation component of the Honours project modules (MT4599 and MT5999) is missed without justified reason.  The nature of this oral assessment requires it to happen at the specified time.

Work submitted late for good reason

If students have a justified reason for submitting work, then the various University's policies relating to extenuating circumstances apply.  In these circumstances, students must as soon as possible submit a self-certificate of absence and contact the relevant member of School (usually the module coordinator).  You will then be advised whether further documentation is required and what format this documentation will take.