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Feedback on assessed work

Students must receive routine feedback on any work that they have submitted.  Feedback will give you advice that will guide you in improving your learning and future performance. 

Feedback opportunities vary from School to School but can include individual face-to-face discussion, written commentaries on work or electronic feedback, for example through Moodle. 

The School of Mathematics and Statistics aims to provide feedback on assessments and coursework within three weeks.

Feedback on examination performance may be given to a class as a whole or if you would like detailed feedback from a member of academic staff on an examination script you should contact the relevant School to arrange a suitable time. For arrangements in the School of Mathematics and Statistics please see below. No fee is charged for this type of feedback.  

Students are also entitled to request a hard copy of any of their own completed examination scripts.  If a photocopy of the script is required for personal reference, please contact your School and, on payment of a fee of £10 per examination script, a photocopy will be provided for you within five working days. Such requests should be made by the end of Week 3 of the semester that follows the examination diet.

Examination Feedback

The School runs examination feedback sessions in Week 1 of the semester following the previous exam diet.  The purpose of these sessions is to aid students in understanding the assessment procedure and improving their examination performance.

Information on each session will be made available to students when they return after the vacation between semesters.