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Royal Statistical Society (RSS) accreditation and GradStat status

The School has had accreditation since 2003 from the Royal Statistical Society (RSS) for its undergraduate degree programmes in statistics and also for those in mathematics that have appropriate statistical content. In August 2018 the RSS reaffirmed its accreditation for these programmes under its new accreditation scheme, and also accredited the School's postgraduate programmes in statistics. Through its accreditation scheme, the RSS seeks to “recognise excellence: reflecting your institution’s commitment to providing high quality learning, teaching and assessment”.  On payment of the appropriate membership fee, graduates of these accredited programmes are entitled to apply to the Society for the professional status of Graduate Statistician (GradStat) without the need for further examination, provided certain conditions (PDF, 62 KB) are met.

For the undergraduate degree programmes, some guidance on the module choices needed to qualify for GradStat is offered (in the light of which modules are available in session 2019-20 and which are expected to be available in 2020-21) in the following Excel workbooks:-

(a) if you are entering SH BSc/MA in September 2019 (Excel, 18 KB);

(b) if you are entering JH BSc/MA in September 2019 (Excel, 99 KB);

(c) if you are entering SH MMath in September 2019 (Excel, 18 KB);

(d) if you are entering JH MMath in September 2019 (Excel, 18 KB);

(e) if you are entering Entrant Honours MMath in September 2019. (Excel, 18 KB)

If you need further assistance, please email Dr Goudie.

Approval of Degree Programmes by the Institute of Mathematics and its Applications

Single Honours degree programmes in Mathematics are approved by the Institute of Mathematics and its Applications.  The current approval is valid for undergraduates commencing the listed degree programmes in the academic years 2015-2016 to 2020-2021.

The following three degrees meet the educational requirements for the Chartered Mathematician designation:

  1. MMath (Hons) Mathematics;
  2. MMath (Hons) Pure Mathematics;
  3. MMath (Hons) Applied Mathematics.

The following two degree programmes will meet the educational requirements of the Chartered Mathematician designation when they are followed by subsequent training and experience in employment to obtain equivalent competences to those specified by the Quality Assurance Agency (QAA) for taught masters degrees:

  1. BSc (Hons) Mathematics;
  2. MA (Hons) Mathematics.