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Academic alerts

Academic Alerts are a way of helping students who are having trouble coping with their studies, such as missing deadlines for handing in work, or missing compulsory tutorials. The aim of the Alert system is to help students by flagging up problems before they seriously affect students’ grades. Academic Alerts will be issued by email from a member of staff within the School and will tell students what is wrong and what they are required to do (e.g. attend classes in future).  The Alerts will also tell students what support the University can offer. If students do not take the action required they will get another Alert, and eventually will automatically get a grade of zero and will fail that module. The system is designed to help and support students in order to remedy any problems or issues before these lead to failing a module. Alerts will never appear on a student’s permanent transcript. For more information on Academic Alerts and details on how the categories work, see the University Policy: Academic Alerts (PDF, 650 KB).  Guidance for students is available at: Academic Alerts Guidance for Students (PDF, 433 KB)

Early Academic Intervention

To complement the academic alerts process, which is applied at a module level, the University operates an academic intervention process at an overall degree programme level. The principle is to help students recognise when their academic progress may be at risk, at a sufficiently early stage that they have opportunities to take action to address any underlying problems.

For further details: Academic Intervention

Minimum proportion of assessment

The School of Mathematics & Statistics requires that a student completes at least 90% of the assessment of a module in order to gain credit in it.  Consequently, if you are ill and unable to attend a class test or submit a piece of continuous assessment, then - in addition to submitting a Self-Certificate of Absence - you should also contact the Module Coordinator to arrange an alternative assessment or an extension to the submission deadline as he/she decides appropriate.

Subhonours modules

For subhonours modules in the School of Mathematics & Statistics, the compulsory elements are:

  • attendance at tutorials
  • attendance at class tests
  • submission of work contributing to continuous assessment (such as projects, practicals and/or tutorial work in certain modules)

If you fail to attend a tutorial or class test, or fail to submit a piece of continuous assessment, then you are likely to receive an academic alert.

If you fail to attend three or more tutorials for a module without good reason, then this may be treated as too many compulsory elements missed and the module coordinator may inform you that you will no longer gain credit for the module (i.e. issue a Final Academic Alert).

Honours modules

Academic Alerts are used less frequently during Honours modules.  They are most likely to be issued if you fail to submit a piece of continuous assessment.