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Memoriae Matris Sacrum—To the Memory of my Mother: A Consecrated Gift

A critical text, translation, and commentary

Catherine Freis, Richard Freis, and Greg Miller

Now available as volume 33 of the George Herbert Journal (paperback) for $15 and in cloth binding as part of the GHJ Special Studies and Monographs series for $25. (Add $4.00 within the U.S. and $15 outside the U.S. for shipping.) Inquire about discounts for multiple orders. Orders can be placed by regular mail at the address below or by e-mail. Payment by checks made out to George Herbert Journal or by PayPal at

This volume enhances in every possible way a reader’s understand of Herbert’s poem in memory of his mother. The translation are lucid, inventive, and idiomatic, while at the same time they are remarkably attentive to the formal structures and the rhetoric of Herbert’s Latin and Greek verse. The painstaking commentary offers detailed help to those needing assistance with classical languages and verse, and continually illuminates matters format and aesthetic.

Paul Alpers, Class of 1942 Professor of English, Emeritus, the University of California, Berkeley

I have been taught poetry in Spanish, in French, and in English. Yet in all my courses and in all my reading I have never come across anything that can match this material in quality. Never. It’s been a long time since I have read a commentary with such growing excitement as layer after layer of meaning and effect is peeled back… Time and time again a point of interpretation is made based upon the scansions; time and time again a point is made arising from a point of construal. Here a spondee helps create a mood; there an ablative is found to yield a different meaning.

Chauncey Wood, Professor Emeritus, Department of English, McMaster University, Canada, and Adjunct Professor, Arizona Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies, Arizona State University.

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Memoriae Matris Sacrum

Memoriae Matris Sacrum