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Editorial Statement

THE ANDREW MARVELL SOCIETY is pleased to announce the inaugural issue of MARVELL STUDIES

Marvell Studies is an open-access, fully peer-reviewed journal devoted to better understanding Marvell and the culture in which he lived and wrote. Marvell Studies builds on more than half a decade of online commentary collected under the auspices of the Society’s Newsletter, an archive that we will continue to make publicly available. The change of title, and, in due course, of publishing format, signals at once the growing size and visibility of the Society, but moreover the marked rise of Marvell’s standing and reputation in early modern studies. Founded in 2001 by J. Mark Heumann and Professor Phoebe Spinrad, the Marvell Society has since grown to include more than a hundred scholars and teachers in North America, Great Britain, France, and Australia. We annually sponsor panels in conjunction with the South Central Renaissance Conference and the Renaissance Society of America, while our members set the pace of Marvell scholarship around the globe. Marvell himself, once considered a “minor” metaphysical poet, has come to be regarded as perhaps second only to Milton in his time, a writer of great power and of importance to the history of liberty as well as to the history of literature.

By founding a journal in Marvell’s name, the Society thus hopes to stimulate and to provide a forum for the next generation of work on the poet and politician from Hull. While the first issue will be published on our website, as we have previously done with the Newsletter, we are in the process of trialling a new journal management system that will raise the profile of Marvell Studies, as we work toward being accepted into and indexed by the Directory of Open Access Journals, and ultimately by libraries worldwide.

At this time we are actively seeking submissions to the journal on any aspect of Marvell’s writings. Our ideal article is of moderate length (c. 5,000 to 8,000 words) and makes a significant contribution to current understandings of Marvell and of his critical and historical contexts. We also publish archival and bibliographical notes, as well as reviews of recent books relevant to Marvell scholars. Proposals for special issues will also be considered.

Submissions should be prepared in 1.5x spacing throughout and follow the conventions of Chicago Style citation. Along with your anonymized manuscript, contributors should also submit an abstract of no more than 150 words as well as a list of six-to-eight key words. Queries, proposals, and submissions may be sent by email to the editor, Dr Matthew Augustine ( Unsolicited submissions are subject to double-blind peer review. New issues are published in spring and fall. It is our aim whenever possible to give editorial decisions within six weeks.

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