The Andrew Marvell Society is a non-profit scholarly organization

Marvellians at the South-Central Renaissance Conference in Atlanta, April 2018 (photo by Judy Zwicker)

The Andrew Marvell Society is a non-profit scholarly organization promoting research on the life, work, and contexts of Andrew Marvell, seventeenth-century poet and pamphleteer.

Founded in 2001 by J. Mark Heumann and Professor Phoebe Spinrad, the Society has since grown to include scholars in North America, Great Britain, France, and Australia, and counts as members many leading international researchers on Marvell.

The Society holds an annual meeting in conjunction with the South Central Renaissance Conference and is also an affiliate of the Renaissance Society of America. Its official publication is Marvell Studies.

We are actively recruiting new members and welcome interest from all relevant academic disciplines and from the public at large. For more information on becoming a member, please see the membership page or contact Executive Secretary Stephanie Coster at sjc107@leicester.ac.uk.


Dr Matthew Augustine
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