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School President and Staff-Student Consultative Committee

School President

The role of the School President is to make representations on behalf of the students within their School to the University. The broad aim of the School President system is to improve communications and co-operation between students and staff, for the mutual benefit of both. The School President acts as a fundamental link between the student sabbatical officers of the Students' Association and the class representatives.

Lauren Archer was elected student School President in spring 2019 and will hold office until spring 2020. Contact your School President at Contact your School President at

Staff Student Consultative Committee Meetings


The Staff-Student Consultative Committee comprises teaching staff and two student representatives (one from Arts Faculty and one from Science Faculty) for each level of study. The meetings are chaired by the School President.
Student Representatives are chosen during Week 1 of the session. If you would like to represent your class please consider volunteering for these positions.
Year Representatives act as points of contact for students to raise any comments on their learning experience at the Staff Student Consultative Committee meetings which are held twice per semester in the School of Management.