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School President and Staff-Student Consultative Committee

School President

The role of the School President is to make representations on behalf of the students within their School to the University. The broad aim of the School President system is to improve communications and co-operation between students and staff, for the mutual benefit of both. The School President acts as a fundamental link between the student sabbatical officers of the Students' Association and the class representatives. Lauren Archer was elected student School President in spring 2019 and will hold office until spring 2020. Contact your School President at

Staff Student Consultative Committee Meetings

Taught postgraduates

At the start of the academic year, students from each postgraduate programme elect two class representatives. The role of a class representative is to bring to the attention of the School issues and matters of specific common concerns that affect (or may affect) student progress with their studies. Such issues can be raised on a "need-to" basis at any time and brought to the attention of any member of the taught postgraduate programme team, the specific Programme Directors or the relevant Module Co-ordinator. Periodically, class representatives from all the School's postgraduate programmes meet with members of the Postgraduate Management Team and other teaching staff to discuss issues that may apply to all students. This is known as the School Staff-Student Liaison Committee.

First meeting 2019/2020: Wednesday 9 October 2019, 3pm to 4pm, Gateway Seminar room 6.