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Taught Postgraduate Programmes

MX (Masters Extra) 2016-2017 programme receptionThe MX (Masters Extra) Programme

Outline schedule 2019 to 2020

About the programme

The Masters Extra (MX) programme is designed specifically for taught masters students in the School of Management and focuses on careers, and personal and professional development. This series of talks, workshops, networking opportunities and activities includes guest lectures from leading academics and experienced managers.

Participants will enhance their career opportunities and can earn a Certificate in Career Development through regular attendance.  To qualify for a certificate students need to attend (and sign in at) a minimum number of MX sessions across two semesters.

MX is an integrated programme between the School of Management, CAPOD (Centre for Academic, Professional and Organisational Development) and the University Careers Centre. It was originally developed for the School by Mr Martin Dowling; from 2012-2018, Mr Charles Lovatt was coordinator. During Semester 1 of 2018-2019, coordinator was Dr Cinla Akinci.

Outline schedule information will be found on the current year's web page. Additional details are posted on that page and sent to students by email. Regular weekly sessions take place on Wednesday afternoons.

MX programme coordinator is Dr Mahmoud Khalik.

MX news stories

Focus on employee wellbeing and presentation of certificates complete MX 2018-2019.

The final MX session of the 2018-2019 academic year included a talk from the School of Management's Deputy Head of School and Co-director of Teaching Dr Sandra Romenska.This was followed by a presentation from Helen Honeyman, head of policy at the Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS).

School of Management taught postgraduates in Masters Extra (MX) session

Helen works with RBS on understanding, researching and advocating the importance of wellbeing, especially mental health. She provided an insight into the issues around and stigma associated with mental health. She suggested that employees sharing and raising their concerns can help to create a better working environment for all. Employers, for their part, need to design and implement programmes that aid the mental, physical, social and financial wellbeing of their employees.

"Helen shared with our students her deep understanding of wellbeing and mental health in the workplace. She highlighted the efforts of employers in tackling this issue, and encouraged listeners by describing practical contributions that are being made toward fully inclusive workplace culture."
MX Programme coordinator Dr Mahmoud Khalik

After Helen's talk, students collected their certificates, and the event was rounded off with a wine reception to celebrate another successful year of MX talks.

School of Management taught postgraduates with 2018-2019 Masters Extra (MX) certificates

Careers Advisor Kristyn Emmer with MSc Finance and Management student Max Schneider, MX Talk, 6 March 2019Networking for your career

University of St Andrews Careers Advisor Kristyn Emmer gave the MX talk on 6 March 2019.

In an interactive session, Kristyn (shown in our photo with MSc Finance and Management student Max Schneider) spoke about networking and its importance. She explained that one must think about why, how and when to network. Students were given strategies for creating, establishing, and maintaining networks both online and offline.

Kristyn gave a really good talk about networking. I already knew about the importance of networking to get jobs, so I had been looking forward to hearing more. Kristyn broke networking down and stimulated my thinking.
PGT student in Management.

MX Programme coordinator Dr Mahmoud Khalik added, "It was a pleasure to have Kristyn at the School of Management. Networking is a broad topic and an important one to address at this stage in the MX programme. Kirstyn's interactive approach helped students to understand the role of networking in furthering a career, starting one or changing one."

Dr Nina Radojevich-KelleyEntrepreneurship - in space

Dr Nina Radojevich-Kelley, cofounder of software consulting firm IonGlyph, delivered the MX talk on 27 February 2019.

Nina spoke about her career and her company, from an entrepreneurship perspective. She explained how venture capitalism firms operate, and the role of an angel investor. Having taken what might be considered a less conventional approach as an entrepreneur, she talked about her own involvement and experience with raising funds and spreading them across companies.

Nina closed by highlighting "astropreneurship", the potential business and profit opportunities that may lie in space. Some investors see astropreneurship as the growth area that will eclipse the internet, with space tourism being only one of many possibilities.

Dr Mahmoud Khalik, MX Programme coordinator, said:

Nina combines an entrepreneurial spirit with academic rigour and engineering skills. Before listening to her presentation, I had only thought of travelling to space as a tourist attraction, and for acquiring resources such as diamonds. Her talk shed light on the growing number of ventures wanting very different pieces of this cake. Having heard Nina speak, I am tempted to say that astropreneurship could be the new e-commerce.

A student on the MLitt in Management programme agreed, saying, "This talk was really interesting. It made me think of space and business in a completely different way".

More than a search engine

On 20 February 2019, Christoph Scherf (MLitt Marketing 2013) spoke about the global company google. He talked about initiatives that he is involved in at the company as well as other google projects. His examples included: Waymo, the self driving car; Loon, an aerial wireless network working to provide internet access to rural and remote areas through high-altitude balloons; and Verily, a technological solution aiming to eradicate mosquito-borne diseases.

"Like most people, I tend to associate google only with searching online. I was interested to hear that the company also works on other diverse and potentially life changing projects."
Dr Mahmoud Khalik, MX Programme coordinator

A student on the MLitt in Management programme commented: "I really like google, so I was excited about this MX talk and the opportunity to learn more. I learned about what google do as a company and what they look for when recruiting."

Christoph is second from left in our photo.

Christoph Scherf with students (MX programme, 20 February 2019)

Mentors in life and work

Dr John McGurk, Head of Regional Policy and Insights at CIPD Scotland, delivered the MX talk on 13 February 2019. Reflecting on his own career, John said that he had had many ups and downs but that he had found his feet due to good mentoring: he went from driving trains to undertaking a PhD to working in his current role at CIPD.

"This was a real eye opener and a fantastic talk by John. He stressed the importance of good mentoring, and how we should all seek good mentoring in order to flourish. We need mentoring for sports, work, friendships and to unlock our potential. This is relevant to all of us in our daily lives. The students were inspired and enjoyed John's honest and friendly approach".
Dr Mahmoud Khalik, MX Programme coordinator

John is second from left in our photo.

Dr John McGurk with Dr Lori Leigh Davis and students (MX programme, 13 February 2019)

Communication Masterclass

On 6 February 2019, the MX speaker was Cathy MacDonald, shown below with a group of students.

Cathy is a former police officer whose experience includes hostage and crisis negotiation, as well as training and advising negotiators. In an engaging, thought provoking and well received session, she talked about the "art of communication" in different settings: at work, everyday friendships, meeting new people and addressing tough situations.

Cathy MacDonald with a group of students (MX programme, 6 February 2019)

Visiting EmVest in Mozambique and Zambia

A report from Max Benjamin Fuchs, student in the MSc (Management and IT) programme, 2017-2018

Max Fuchs - student visit to EmVest

Early in semester one, Ms Susan Payne gave a guest lecture as part of the MX programme, sharing her experiences on the subject "Turf to table: building a business in Africa."

Her MX talk truly inspired me. I decided to contact Ms Payne again, to ask more about her organisation EmVest and their activities. As a result, she invited me to visit her organisation in Africa. Then, for three weeks during winter break, I travelled to two of EmVest's farms - in Mozambique and Zambia.

During this time, I learned a lot about the agribusiness and the opportunities and challenges of developing a business in both countries. In addition, the people were very welcoming, giving me invaluable insights into culture in Mozambique and Zambia. This was truly one of the most amazing and educational journeys of my life.

I would like to thank Ms Susan Payne and her organisation again, for granting me this once in a lifetime opportunity!

Find your passion

MX networking dinner, February 2018, with student reps, alumna speaker Rie Schimmell and coordinator Chharles Lovatt

In her MX talk, "Find your passion", February 2018, Rie Schimmell (MLitt Marketing, 2014) spoke about her work since graduation and about setting up her own business. George Kontaxis, student rep currently studing for an MLitt in Management, said:

"Seeing how a recent graduate is following her dreams was a big thing for me. Seeing that she can do it makes me think that I can do it as well."

George is shown above, with other School of Management taught postgraduate student reps, Rie, and MX Coordinator Charles Lovatt, at the networking dinner following the talk. In the photo (l-r) are: Stephanie Lee (student rep for MLitt Management), Ann-Christin Forkel (student rep for MLitt HRM), Lewis Griffin (talk presenter), Max Benjamin Fuchs (talk presenter), Rie, Charles De Jager (student rep for MSc Banking  and Finance), George, Charles.

Cookie Bar Challenge 2016-2017: connecting schools with social enterprise

As winners of the 2016-2017 challenge, Team TKP were made welcome for their week in Slough researching local markets, 'competitors' and the built environment around three secondary schools west of London with a view to schools developing their own social entreprise Cookie Bars.

MLitt Management students (aka Team TKP) with COINS co-founder Larry Sullivan

Our photo shows MLitt Management student team TKP (Paul Spurdle, Tara Browne and Leonie Kranzpiller) with Larry Sullivan, Chairman and co-founder of COINS foundation.

Cookie Bar Challenge winners announced

March 2017: Cookie Bar Challenge winners have been announced as Team TKP. Their bid included the video above introducing themselves and their proposals. MLitt Management students Tara Browne (USA), Leonie Kranzpiller (Germany) and Paul Spurdle (New Zealand) are set to spend a sponsored week in Berkshire in May 2017 developing plans to scale up the Cookie Bar, a social enterprise which provides work experience for young people.

The Challenge was run through the MX Programme 2016-2017, and was open to all postgraduate Masters students at the University of St Andrews School of Management.

Arriving for MX in September 2016


The Cookie Bar bus (COINS Foundation)

Cookie Bar Challenge – Social Enterprise scale-up

This is a competition only open to teams of three current year (2016-17) postgraduate Masters students at the University of St Andrews School of Management - including MLitt, MRes, MSc candidates and Sustainable Development students.

The Cookie Bar serves freshly roasted coffee, home-baked cookies and a range of sandwiches, cakes and hot and cold drinks. The key objective of the Cookie Bar is to provide work experience for young people in a safe and forgiving environment.

The first Cookie Bar opened in 2011 and the challenge is to devise a plan to scale up from 1 to 5 Cookie Bars within about 18 months. The geographic extent of the project area is within approximately 60 minutes driving time of Hindhead, Surrey (roughly south and west London, Surrey, Berkshire and Hampshire). The project will consider how to scale up the business model taking account of such things as partners, premises, franchising, local demographics and the most favourable socio-economic area.

This project will be undertaken by the winning team of three Masters students in Slough, England over a week: from Monday 22 May 2017. Please don't consider applying unless you are going to be available for the whole of this week. COINS are generously funding this project and all reasonable expenses will be reimbursed (UK travel, accommodation etc).

Participants in the winning team will receive:

  • Travel and subsistence expenses of £300 per person.
  • Subject to possession of an appropriate driving licence and compliance with insurance requirements, one team member will be loaned a Tesla for local transport.
  • Accommodation (5 nights) in a personal sleep-pod at COINS Global (Slough).

Closing date for applications is Thursday 12 January 2017. If you are interested in applying, please prepare by following and engaging with The Cookie Bar UK and COINS Foundation via social media on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

The Cookie Bar Facebook logo Twitter instagram icon font awesome
COINS Foundation Facebook logo Twitter instagram icon font awesome


The application form is very short and simple. Each team member needs to provide a few words about themselves plus a photo. The team also needs to write a paragraph which describes the market opportunity for scaling up the Cookie Bar.

Application process and timetable

  • November 2016: Applications open
  • Thursday 12 January 2017: Closing date for applications
  • Friday 27 January 2017: Shortlisted teams are notified and given instructions for next stage
  • Thursday 16 February 2017: Shortlisted teams submit 3 minute video application, CVs & Belbin to the COINS Foundation
  • Wednesday 22 February 2017: Abigail Deffee, COINS Foundation visit – interviews teams /gives briefing
  • Early March 2017: Winning team notified.

Leadership in a changing world

MX 2016 awards dinner

Honorary Teaching Fellow Mr Ejaj Ahmad (MA, St Andrews) was in residence at the School of Management in early March 2016.  He gave the final lecture of MX 2015-2016 on the topic "Leadership in a changing world", and was present when the certificates in career development were awarded.  He also joined students and staff for the awards dinner.  Founder and President of Bangladesh Youth Leadership Centre (BYLC), Ejaj has won many accolades, including a profile as one of Asia's most promising young leaders, a Paragon Fellowship from the Foundation of Youth Social Enterprise, and participation in youth leadership forums from New Delhi to Nairobi to Kyoto.

Ejaj is shown above at the awards dinner, with Charles Lovatt, MX programme coordinator, student representatives from across our taught postgraduate programmes and 2015-2016 School President Mr Louis Fearn.