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RME Event image‌Responsible Management Education
One day event: Tuesday 5 May 2015

Responsible management education is a core element of School of Management policy, but what does this entail for theory and practice? The aim of this one day internal School of Management event was to open up this issue to scrutiny, discussion and debate.

Participants in spirited group discussions addressed topics derived from submitted abstracts, and then from emergent themes. Three panellists presented their views in the second part of the event, with a debate and Q&A.  Exchanges throughout were challenging, incisive, insightful and imaginative.  Drinks and dinner rounded out the day.

The announcement and invitation were circulated in: responsible-education-2015.doc (School of Management Staff login required).

Attendees shown below are listening to panellist Matthias Huehn. 

Contact organisers John Desmond and Sam Mansell for more information and follow-up.

Participants at School of Management Responsible Management Education event, May 2015