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Tartan of the School of Management

Tartan of the University of St Andrews School of ManagementCommunication, Persuasion, and Courage

In July 2007, Dr David Wishart, University of St Andrews alumnus and School of Management Honorary Research Fellow (1998-2013), completed the design of a new corporate tartan exclusively Dr David Wishart for the staff and students of the School, incorporating the colours of the University of St Andrews Coat of Arms.

At the focus is the Saltire, the badge of Saint Andrew and Scotland's national flag, a white cross on an azure blue background. This gives recognition to the fact that the University of St Andrews, Scotland's First University, was founded in 1411 by Bishop Henry Wardlaw of the medieval Scottish Church and James I of Scotland.

Adjacent to the Saltire are fine black threads representing written communication, the principal medium by which managers communicate. This is followed by the gold of the mascles, for oral persuasion, and the design is completed by the red lion rampant of Scotland, for courage.

Thus, the School of Management Tartan symbolises the core skills we seek to develop in our students as future leaders, namely communication, persuasion, and courage, positioned within the Saltire of Saint Andrew.

The School of Management Tartan was registered in the International Tartan Index of the Scottish Tartans Authority in July 2007, number 7237. It is woven by Lochcarron of Scotland, our official Scottish weavers, and was officially launched on 29 October 2007.

Wishart also designed a new tartan for the Scottish Economics Society, successor from 1954 to the Scottish Society of Economists founded in 1897.

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