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School Responsibilities


Co-Heads of School* Professor John Ferguson
Professor Ruth Woodfield
Staff Council Co-Chairs Mr Martin Dowling
Dr Juliette Summers
School Manager* Lynn Balfour
Director of Operations* Mr Martin Dowling
Director of Taught Postgraduate Programmes* Ms Julie Brooks
Director of Postgraduate Research* Dr Alina Baluch
Director of Research* Professor John Wilson
Director of Teaching* Dr Sandra Romenska
Equality and Diversity Co-Directors* Dr Boyka Bratanova
Dr Anna Brown
Disabilities Faculty Liaison Officer Dr Eleanor Burt
Employability Link (Careers Liaison) Dr Shiona Chillas
Environmental Facilitators Rhona McLaren and
Dr Shona Russell
Ethics Committee

Dr Juliette Summers (Co-ordinator)
Mr Martin Dowling
Thematic group reps:
· Dr Cinla Akinci (O&S)
· Dr Alina M Baluch (K&P)
· Dr Eleanor Burt (O&S)
· Mr Martin Dowling (K&P)
· Professor John Ferguson (ESA)
· Dr Laurence Lasselle (FIM)

Examinations Officer Dr Kirstie Ball (UG)
Dr Dimitris Chronopoulos (PG)
Health and Safety Committee Head/s of School
Director of Operations
Ms Jennifer B Kerr
Dr Jimmy Xing Chen
Mrs Sam Letham
Honours Programme Directors Dr Kais Bouslah
Dr Lucy Wishart
Honours Advisor Dr Kais Bouslah
Dr Daniel Oto-Peralias
Dr Shona Russell
Impact Officer* Dr Tobias Jung
IT Officer and Web Manager Ms Jennifer B Kerr
Library Representative Dr Linh H Nguyen
Academic Misconduct Officer Dr Keyan Lai
Overseas Students, SOCRATES, USA Masters Partners and Study Abroad Brenda Marin
Research Development Committee Chair Professor John Wilson
Research Seminar Series Co-ordinators tbc
Sub-Honours Directors Dr Lisi Gordon (Year 1)
Dr Anna Brown (Year 2)
Arts Sub-Honours Advisors Mr William Barlow (Semester 2)
Dr Shiona Chillas (Semester 2)
Dr Gail Greig
Dr Mahmoud Khalik
Mrs Diane McGoldrick
Dr Louis Nguyen
Science Sub-Honours Advisor Dr Dimitris Chronopoulos
Undergraduate Admissions Officer Mr William Barlow
Taught Postgraduate Programme Directors
Banking and Finance Dr Pejman Abedifar
Finance and Management Dr Jimmy Xing Chen
Human Resource Management Dr Shiona Chillas
International Business Dr Ross Brown
International Business and Strategy
(in conjunction with Moscow State University)
Ms Julie Brooks
Dr Ross Brown
Management Dr Francois-Regis Puyou
Management and Information Technology Dr John Thomson (Computer Science)
Dr Francois-Regis Puyou (School of Management liaison)
Ms Julie Brooks (School of Management liaison)
Marketing Ms Julie Brooks
Research (Management Studies) Dr Alina Baluch


*Members of Management Group